Friday, March 13, 2009

Privacy is lost on us

No, I haven't been ignoring ya'll!
I haven't even been milling over the crud.

NOPE. We've been busy!

So after my conversation with Mother and my post I went about my day as usual.
Hubby came home and of course I was in the bathroom. It seems I can NEVER be waiting for him ready to give him a kiss and hug. It is just my time to go.
And if that were not TMI for you. The bathroom door never seems to stay closed. EVER.
Why don't I just lock it?
Um yeah...STHM know that you can't lock a door when you have young children.
We ARE working on the knocking thing, but then the run off leaving the door cracked and I have a dog who can't be away from me for more the a second. She's my shadow. Or it's the cat. Since I can't walk away from her, she thinks it's as good of time as any to demand a scratching.
My next house is going to have a HUGE bathroom that way we all can fit, because frankly if nobody else has a problem with my business I guess I shouldn't either.

Now that was worth the wait wasn't it?

Rob came home and was carrying something. I saw his arms full and heard him say "GO, give these to your Mother." to Butter. Who immediately came into the bathroom.

"Here. Mom. These are for you from Daddy."
They were the MOST gorgeous colorful brilliant flowers! A HUGE bouquet. I've seen ones like it and thought, WOH, that's a lot for that.
I couldn't get over how those flowers were exactly what I needed.
I think for the most part flowers are a waist of money, yes they do make you happy for awhile then they die.
But This day I NEEDED something that could only have come from God hands.
There was yellow, and deep green, and hot pink and purple and white.
I didn't have words to say thank you. And Hubby could see that I finally had to say through sobbing breath: " Can you take these I need to wipe?"
I know Oscar worthy movie moment right there.

Here's a picture. It just doesn't do them justice.

When I asked Rob what made him get me flowers he said: " I just knew you needed them today. I went in and told the guy I needed something to cheer my wife up she's had a really bad week. And he kept grabbing things."

The flowers were a wonderful surprise and a kind act of love.

(I would thank him hear but he doesn't "read" me.)

Thursday Rob took off work and we took the kiddos out to breakfast and then to the Children's Museum. We had lots of fun. Roo had tears every time we told him it was time to move on to the next room. But then he would jump right in and find something else that claimed his interest.

This by far was the one he loved doing the most.

Driving the truck in the Clifford exhibit. I think there was a shift switch or something because I remember saying over and over again "you must let other people have a turn driving."

He would grudgingly get off and hop in the back, while another child would spin the wheel a few times and get off, to which he'd launch himself over the seat and get right back to driving.He took his job very seriously, as you can see.

Butter mean while was Mail carrier through out Birdwell Island. (Clifford's town)

I did not get any pictures of that do to the fact that I was stationed over at the truck the whole time. And she was too "busy" to stop for a picture. So many letters, so little time.

I did however catch her with her hand in the till!

This is Butter in the Korean restaurant part of the My Community Exhibit. Butter loved being the "boss" taking orders, giving orders, ringing people up, giving them change. Remind me not to let her go into banking. I gave her a $5 and got $38 change back!

Another thing she enjoyed was being the Doctor. (in the same exhibit)

A pediatrician to be exact.

Her she is wrapping the baby she just checked over. He was very sick and needed several shots. But Dr. Butter said he could have a sucker for being good.

I hope they teach her in med school it is NOT ok to give an infant a sucker! Suckie yes, sucker no.

I didn't want to get fired, so I didn't say anything. The economy being tough and all I need my job!

We ended with water play. It was planned that way. I knew Roo would be a sucking wet mess. He was, and cried bloody murder when it was time to leave.

Since we had a late breakfast, I thought it'd be fun to take advantage of Dairy Queens $2.99 blizzard sale. For lunch.

Then walking back through the skyway we went by McDonald's. They were suddenly Hungary and that is the only thing they wanted.

So we had Micky Dees.

Service was horrible, our order was completely screwed up and my Shamrock shake was vanilla with a hit of mint.

Hubby's comment cracked me up.

"This is the BEST location for this place and it's the worst I've ever seen. I think they need some bail out funds to jump start finding some new employees."

True dat. It's RIGHT outside the Children's museum...come on peeps!

The kids were happy and having a good time and that was the whole goal for the day.

They had Pizza for dinner. I could not eat other thing that I hadn't made myself.

Do you ever get like that? Eating out is great, having someone cook for you...but three meals in one day? Have mercy!

I ate my stand by Spaghetti and made extra so we could have hotdish for lunch today. It's Hubby's early release today!

On a side note:Rob is going in for surgery today at 2:30PM. Last year he had a mole removed from in between his toes that was in fact Melanoma. The least deadly kind. Upon inspection at his year visit they deemed it to need another surgery to "make sure".

He isn't nervous. I am. (of course)

I was the one who forced him to go get his body checked over the first time. I worry that they will indeed find more cells and need to take the toe to guard against spreading.

For those of you who didn't hear the story the first time:

Rob never wore bare feet, until we went on our honey moon. He went shirtless much of his youth and never wore sunscreen. He has tons of moles, some as big as dimes. Those were the ones that scared me.

He had this one tiny one in between his two middle toes, and THAT is the one the took off and tested. And they were thorough. I was in the room. And THAT was TMI for me. I let him go alone now. But I do circle the ones I feel need a good looking at.

So today he goes back in. Dr. Hien is very good, so get it ALL this time please.

Reminder that it's Mix Tape Monday ROCK Edition this Monday.

I am still debating over mine.

It's time to go check the Hotdish!

Have a great weekend!


  1. ok, when you said "here's a picture"...for a split second I thought we were going to get a picture of you on the pot holding the flowers!!! LOL!!!

    I had my first "mole check" last year. I have quite a few too and the ones I was most worried about the doc breezed over. The one he focused on was a TINY one on the inside of my arm that I thought was FRECKLE!!! go figure!

  2. hey, for some reason your blog is not showing up on my dashboard with updates. I never know when you post a new post....I was trying to fix it and am now following my own blog....sheesh! Any ideas?

  3. What a great guy you are married too! Those are beautiful and cheery flowers. I think the day aweay was a good idea too and the kids sure seemed to be having fun~!

  4. Those are gorgeous, Sara!!! What a sweet Hubby. Josh is terrified of picking out anything other than, don't get me wrong, I love roses, but I would totally love it if he would mix it up.
    Did I just make it sound like I get flowers all the time...I don't, but I feel I get them at all the appropriate times.
    Now I'm rambling.
    I just said a prayer for Rob! I hope all turns out ok....what a scare that must have been last year!

  5. Sara,
    I'm still grinning over the flowers. I know how uplifting they can be and that was just so super sweet of your hubby!! I'm really glad. I had hoped for some encoruagement like that for you after the rough times you were going through.

  6. Flowers have become a staple for us living here in the basement! Thankfully I can get some nice daisys at WalMart for $5 and they last 2 weeks!

    Your hubs and the flower lady did a GREAT job!!! That boquet is GORGEOUS!!!

  7. What a guy! Seriously, that is so cool that he knows you so well, and knew just what to get you to give your spirits a lift. Gorgeous, gorgeous flowers.

    I'll be praying for you hubs that everything will come back clear. I've been thinking that I need to go do that, but i hate the thought of doing it...but I suppose it is better to know, right?

  8. Ah! I love the flowers! I need to do the whole mole check thang. My sister and I came from the "baby oil while laying in the sun" days! :) Yeah, I'm thinking skin cancer in my future! :(

  9. i was feeling mighty guilty i forgot to link to you on my post for today...oh dear...where is sara? hope all is well and you're just caught up rocking out this morning! ☺


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