Monday, March 9, 2009

Mix Tape Monday Dance edition

Having searched for clean songs I had to go back a bit farther. BUT I did find some gems and I can clearly remember cranking them and dancing my little noogies off. Songs that make you HAPPY to dance to. Happy dance songs.
Songs I could not in good taste play, but do foundly remember shaking my groove thang to:
Salt N Pepa's Push it
Tone Loc Funky Cold Medina
Young Mc Bust a Move
Run DMC Tricky
And of course Baby Got Back. We ALL remember that one! (Don't lie you so do)
So I went happy and surprised myself because I found a very catchy and girly song that had been long forgotten but soon after hearing the first cords my feet wanted to move and off I was dancing too.
That song made me think of others. By STARS like Madonna and Michael Jackson. If you were alive in the 80's you saw these two stars rise never to be touched by any other artists. There were few Madonna songs that I actually liked but the one I chose was one of her greatest in my opinion. I wasn't into her loose-ness. That bothered me. But I can not deny her star power.
Here is my list of favorites in order of Happy they make me.
It's over on the side because I can't get playlist to post in the blog part.
Argh things really need to be danced out this morning.

For some reason today I can't get to Mr. Linky. I'll keep trying but just let me know in the comments if you are playing along...


  1. Dance it out, girl!

    I played along!

    I'm off to work, but will be back later to listen to all your songs.

  2. seriously!!! i wrote my post for next week already (CAN YA TELL i love this carnival)...anyways, those words...the words i sang my heart and voice out to. then years later to really REALLY know what those words mean. am i blushing? you betcha!

  3. oh, of all the days to have no sound! Our computer is in the shop- you listed some great songs that brought back MEMORIES! I am going to play even if I can't hear anything!

  4. I don't have volume on my laptop anymore (long story) and the song I want to embed isn't working from youtube so I'll have to sleep on it and blog it tomorrow. Always was a procrastinator, lol! Love this carnival, you Rock!

    Blessings, Carolynn

  5. Oh, My gosh! Tiffani was my very first concert! WooHOO! Love - beyond words - your throwbacks to the soundtracks of my early, boogie-my-rear-off days ... gee, perhaps I should do more of that! :)

  6. Baby got back - oh yeah, a favorite of my hubby (ok, ok, maybe I like it a little bit too).

    Fun walk down memory lane!

  7. ok, I FINALLY posted. You better give me some notice on next weeks, so I am prepared!

  8. I just reread Linda's comment- sounds like you have already said what next week will be- she's such a keener! :)


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