Monday, March 2, 2009

Mix Tape Monday~ It's in the Ballad and the SCARF

First before we get to the music, let's give a shout out to the belove scarf. It freshens our outfit and sasses up the plain shirt. Scarves have many uses...
A belt. (I don't because when I need to go; I need to go now and fiddling with untying a scarf is asking for trouble.)
Around the neck two different ways:
and let us give recall to the head scarf!
Now unto the music!
We have all had our hearts broken...
These songs were the ones we turned to to ease the ache.
Or we used them to convey our inner most feelings of longing for a certain someone.
I would "request" songs at school dances, dreaming of the moment HE would hear it, think of me and KNOW it was for him. Then HE would cross the room and we would dance to "our" song.
Ok, I have to admit I had help with this one. Only because I couldn't decide. I was getting overwhelmed in memories. So I asked Hubby. He had this WHOLE criteria for a ballad. I was locked on Chicago, Journey, Air Supply and REO...He said that was ALL they sang were the ballad there for it wasn't a true "power ballad" and it had to be from a band known for rock to be a "power ballad". Sheesh, leave it to a guy to complicate things.
Finally, when I heard these lyrics I knew it summed up what I was looking for: the cheesy yearning for unrequited love. Plus they epitomize the Hair Rock Band.
Bloggers I give you: WAIT by White Lion.

Let's see what you got!


  1. That is a gorgeous scarf Sara! I love green and I love the bottom of the scarf. Fun stuff!

    Loving your mix tape Mondays too. :)

  2. does anyone else find it disturbing and a bit unfair that they guys in these sorta bands looked WAY prettier than any girl i ever knew? especially the curlie hair!

    i loved white lion, but don't remember this song? good one!

  3. That was great. I started laughing as soon as I read the title, as it brought back serious memories of teenage angst...and I had the same hair as the lead singer- thankfully I did not have the same outfit.

  4. Excellent choice of both scarf and song, my friend! This is SO fun! I just posted, but I have to jet off to work I won't be back til tonight. Just in time for the Bachelor! :-)

  5. Oh this is too very very funny. I'm so playing next week on my family blog. Do you pick the theme in advance? Ohh the rock power ballads of the 80s and early 90's. I am going to disagree with your hubby though and defend Journey. They started as a rock band and wrote one power ballad and then that's all their producers wanted and they were trapped. :-)

  6. You look like a lot of fun. Great job with the scarf!

  7. I love your scarf! After seeing all these scarves, I want to go buy some. We should all do a scarf swap! I was so proud of my little yarn crochet scarf but now I see these really beautiful scarves like yours with the frayed edges and I want a new one. By the way, read all about the Bachelor Gossip on my blog, it's the post previous to the scarf post.

  8. I love the scarf and all your ways of wearing it! Now I have to check out all this music!

  9. It is very pressing for me to tell you that I agree- Alex Keaton was cute and all, but a little too brainy and annoying. I liked the slightly bad boys- Bo Duke owned my heart. Now back to laundry, washing the bathroom floors...

  10. Girl, you're a riot. :) I LOVE that fact I almost got the same one, because I love green...but at the last min. I switched to pink. Can't beat $5!

  11. Cute scarf, loved the pics:)

  12. Oh, darn ... the music stopped when I clicked to leave a comment!!

    I have to tell you, Sara Dear - your posts are just such a blast! L-O-V-E Mix Tape Mondays ... you just took me back a couple decades ... shed some serious years ... made my heart laugh ... the WORKS! Oh my gosh - you truly captured how we just wore our hearts out on our sleeves, especially at those dances! - by way of all our favorite big hair bands. HUGE FAN here ...

    Thanks for the lift ... and may I say that green is so your color! Just diggin' that scarf, Girlie!!

  13. Wait. What a great song. I love it. And your pictures are so much fun!

  14. love all the creative pics! love the scarf too. :-)

  15. Looks like I've been missing some fun over here. I'll be sure to sport the head scarf the next time I have a bad hair day. ; )

  16. You're the Hostess with the Mostest! I played along because this meme rocks. Get it? huh? Huh? LOL. Love you to pieces.

    Blessings, Carolynn

  17. My email address is apriltottle at hotmail dot com. Thanks for telling me it wasn't working, I didn't even know that I didn't have it setup on blogger, I guess I figured no one would ever want to email me!


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