Monday, March 2, 2009

My weekend reveiw and the Bachelor.

Oh my THAT was FUN! I loved all your choices! After dinner I turned on VH1 and it had one hit wonders (ladies edition.) Roo loved 'Mickey' as in "Oh Mickey your so fine, so fine you blow my mind hey Mickey!"
Yeh, we had to watch that video several times.
Then I had to put him to bed so I could watch the Bachelor. More on that later.
What did I do over the weekend...
For no reason that I can think of, it felt like a very pleasant and lengthy weekend.
It's not that I did anything too out of ordinary, if anything we ran more errands.
First Friday.
I LOVE Fridays. Hubby gets off early, Roo is off at preschool. We decided that we would try the fish fry at the catholic church by our house. For 5 years we've said we were going to try it...I hate fish. No, we are not catholic.
The more I think about it, the more I think it was the relief of NOT having to meal plan and cook that had me excited and happy on Friday.
My children NEVER eat when we are away from home. (Not that they eat at home.) But it seems so wasteful, mothers I know you know what I'm talking about here.
Roo was free, Butter could have been free but we chose to give her real age.
The fish was delightful. No, really. very lightly breaded and they had a baked version too. Which I did "taste" but couldn't handle cause it looked like and tasted like fish. Blech.
Coleslaw, baked beans and these AMAZING french fries and soft warm bread rounded out the meal. I WILL go back for those fries! Butter ate like I have never seen before. Like a child starved. (which she is most definitely not) Roo ate fries and bounced in his chair like he just got done downing a Pepsi. (which he most definitely did not.)
Hubby was whiny that the catholics didn't have beer, which they do have at their fall festival, but not the fish fry. (Dude, get one at home!)
Dinner was Nummy.
I got my hair cut by my "new" tell it like it is hairstylist. Suzie. She is way more sassy then I and if she had a blog I'd need earplugs and delay beeps. But I do love her. I asked for a trim. She thought I was growing my hair out. No, I wanted it cut again like the last time. All cute and sassy with bangs this time. You should have heard her "go off" on me about how I need to speak my mind. Hmmm, I thought I was so good at that. Maybe it's only HERE on iSass that I can do that?
I have been using a straightener for awhile now, but after the fish fry my hair and everything else smelled like I'd been to a fish fry. I washed it and instead of conditioning it while washing I waited and used a leave-in one and went to lay my stuffed self on the couch. I got up to go to bed and looked at my hair. SERIOUSLY, this hair could never be duplicated. It was wavy and sassy and I loved it so I took pictures.

Now I do have natural wave, but it NEVER and I mean never looks this cute. EVER. I did not want to go to bed. Got up the next day and tried to get it the same. I swear it was the fish fry odor. So I straightened it and went off to see my dear friend Molly. Who is visiting from Indiana. Molly and I met in a bible study 3 years ago. Her hubby is a Pastor.

Molly is SO cute and skinny! I heart her and have missed her very much. She told me she lurks my blog and has promised to comment...maybe if I write about her more she will. hee hee.

We had great conversation, like no time had passed. It was so wonderful to see her sweet smile.

Sunday I read Jon and Kate plus 8's Multiple Bles8ings book. It was such a good read. I can't remember the last time I spent a day reading. Not just that but I have no idea where my children were. All was quiet. I don't remember feeding them either. Hmm. I might need to talk to Rob about whether he did or not...

I got into bed Sunday night feeling like it was a nice long weekend...until Hubby said "Argh it's Monday tomorrow."

Yes, Monday. And the season finale of the Bachelor...

I had been given a heads up to what was about to go down. I couldn't believe it. All I can say was did they HAVE to tape that??? I mean seriously, Melissa wasn't my choice or favorite but that was just PAINFUL to watch. And poor Molly...what the heck was she suppose to do? She told him he was making a mistake, then he proves her right and asks for another chance? Good for her to give it one I guess, but DUDE better have a really good explanation for sending me home the first time!!!!

And Deanna? What up with that? (yes I meant what and not what's)

It was CRA--RAZY! I think that show has hit and all time LOW. As much as I enjoy the twists and turns of a good mystery I'm about through with the heart stomping and soul crushing. Where's my happy ending! We watched Nights of Rodanthe over the weekend...hated it. Know why? No happy ending! She finds love after her husband cheats on her and the guy DIES right before they are going to be together???? That ain't NO movie! That is just CRUEL! Why don't I watch Friday the 13 instead at least then I KNOW people are going to get hacked up into small pieces and bite it. (No, I really WON'T watch that crap cause I HATE those movies. Gore freaks me out real or fake....ewe.)

How bout Jill being the new Bachelorette?? Oh, ya'll didn't hear bout that yet?

You will. Tonight on After the rose part DU.

I'm thinking that my ballad would have been a good song to play today in honor of Melissa.

She never had the chance to love ...him.


  1. I hate movies with sad endings too. And now I'm wondering about Jason and Molly - how are they doing now? I was rooting for her - she's from my hometown, I had to!

  2. Yay for fun weekends!! Your friend looks so sweet.

    Being from WI, we have fish fries on every corner, but the last 2 I've went to, I haven't felt well after....which is such a bummer because the food is so yummy!

    The Bachelor...I'm upset! I really wanted to rip into Jason on my post today, but had to keep it PG. Rrrrrr.

  3. fish...YUCK. i can imagine the smell from here. it's a RARE sight at our dinner table. and the only reason i torture myself to fix it, is because D loves salmon.

    your weekend makes me wanna crawl back in bed this sounded so wonderful!

  4. You are so funny! I read what you left on Rach @ In His Hands, you really put it into perspective. I completely agree with you after reading your thoughts on it. I feel like they all had to kind of play along with this craziness because of "contracts" and what not. The only thing I still wonder is did he and Molly have contact between the finale and the ATFR episode? I kind of think they did.

  5. I LOVE your hair! Oh my gosh, so so cute!!!

    I didn't even watch The Bachelor and I think Jason's a moron who needs to be kicked in the rear!

  6. I don't watch the Bachelor, it's just too....I can't quite put it into words, it just kinda makes me want to vomit? Sorry to you and all the Bachelor fans, but my point is, I wish I had seen last night's episode, despite my tendency to hurl when it's on. Contract or not, I'm pretty sure they can't make him break up with someone on live television, so that means he made one helluva cracker jack move doing that. Good luck to him finding any woman in North America that will give him a chance now.

    I LOVE fish, and your fish fry sounded awesome!

    I totally agree about sad endings on movies. I go to the movies to be entertained, not given a reality check. Enough people get their hearts broken in real life, I really don't want to pay to see it too!

    It was funny, this morning when I was reading the recaps of the Bachelor episode I was thinking that I couldn't wait to get on here and read what you wrote about it!

  7. hmmm, my thoughts on the Bachelor- well, they are not well informed ones, but that doesn't usually stop me! I am not a regular viewer, but I think the guy is messed up. I don't think he is a total jerk or anything, but real men don't try that many girls out all at one time to find a wife. And then spout off about following his heart so he doesn't live with regrets-not marriage material yet. I thought the last 2 girls were nice enough in that episode, but I thought they should have both dumped him. There is my two bits...

    Hair- I go to bed with mine wet a lot. Usually it goes all kinky and haywire by morning, but, once in a blue moon, it looks awesome after! Those are good days... I am surrounded by fishermen in my life, so maybe I will try the fish grease idea. lol.

  8. Friday night fish fry's are the best! Except when it gets in your hair that is. But, I must say, way to rock it out; cute pics!

    Blessings, Carolynn

  9. Love your hair! Also, I was thinking about Mickey for the next week's mix tape,...but I have other ideas too. I do not watch the makes me crazy. What a dolt!

  10. What about Melissa showing up on Dancing with the Stars this week?!? Did you see that? I was surprised!


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