Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Ok so I'm WEIRD.

Belle did a meme that you are suppose to give 6 weird things about your self.
She said she had a hard time coming up with stuff. Because her stuff didn't seem all that weird to her. This is true. Who wants to walk around saying "YO, check it out I'm weird! Ah ha ha."
No, but if we truly SEE our self we do DO some crazy weird things.
  1. I need to pick the lint from between my toes before I get into bed at night. I wear some seriously fuzzy socks and I can't STAND to see fluff balls in my sheets. So they pile up on the side of my bed till morning wear I pick them up and throw them out.
  2. I hate fish. But I TRY to eat more of it. I must have tater sauce and cocktail sauce on every bite. Equal amounts too. Or I feed it to the dog.
  3. I have been for the last month trying to get my dog to speak. Not bark but speak. You've heard dogs on AFV say things like I love you...well I ONLY want Piper to call me my name. Mama. She has a growl thing that sounds like it if only I can harness it. And I will say she DID say it once after much much prodding. Rob heard it he'll vouch. SOMEDAY, that dog will say Mama when I ask.
  4. I talk to myself. Out loud. In Public. Nough said.
  5. I must be the driver. I will get sick and hurl if I am made to sit in the back. I will be a back-seat-driver if I in fact am not driving. I was born to be the driver.
  6. I secretly wish I could play football. Not like be a linebacker or anything. I want to be the kicker. Kicker's win games. Kicker's are PROTECTED by beasts of men. "Can you believe COX made that kick from 60 yards away?!? She wins the game! She had to have kicked a lot of balls to make that one count!" Ha ha ha get it I kicked lots of balls....

Ok your turn show me your weird I can take it. If you're one of my friends and think something about me is weird please do share...I'm curious to know.


  1. Hey weirdo...I've been listening to the same song over and over since 8:30 this morning. Weird.

    Weirdness loves company right?!?

  2. The dog one killed me.

    Because my family - Mom, dad, sibs - have a voice that we've made up for our dog, Ernie. We are WEIRD, although we only use it with each other. WEIRD, I know.

  3. I'm going to play after the kiddos go to sleep tonight!

    1, well... Yah!
    2, here here. I only eat cod. Beer battered and fried.
    3, Must.See.On.Youtube.
    4, me too! I knew we were cut from the same cloth
    5, all I heard was my inner Monica cry out, "I'm always the Hostess!"
    6, just remember, Laces Up!


  4. HAHA! I tried to get my parents' Chihuahua (when it was mine, lol) to talk one time, too!

    And I talk to myself in public...and when I notice it, I'll ask myself, "Why am I talking to myself in public?" Yep. Aloud. Real helpful there.

  5. these are great. i have too many to pick just 6. :)

  6. i've been trying to get henry's "talking" captured on video for months! seriously, it is strange and hilarious all at the same time.

    u weird? naww! good try though.

  7. weird...schmeird!!!

    fish stinks...literally! i won't eat anything that swam in water...i know, weird! i agree with you 100%!

  8. Those are not weird ... except for maybe the talking out loud. And you get lint inbetween your toes every night ... now that is weird too.

  9. too funny!!

    I would say talking to yourself is weird, but my husband does it too and that would make me married to a weirdo!

    but picking the lint out and piling it next to the bed.....ya, weird!

  10. Yeah, you're a little weird, but I love ya anyway! :)


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