Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Ok so my weird list was made by me. Myself. And well yes I DO have some weird things going on. So you've agreed anyway. But I thought just for the RECORD I'd ask Rob. Because he's married to me and frankly if there really is anything weird about me he'd know.
His number one weird thing: Me being a picker.
I asked him to clarify, because I did admit to the lint thing in the toes and I have said I pick crude out of my children's head openings. (ears, nose and mouths)

He said and I quote: "The production you make out of picking your nose."

"(Clear throat) What? What are you talking about? Everyone has to pick their nose Rob!!!"

"You know the way you roll the tissue and the whole thing you go through..."

The THING I go through would be making darn sure I cleaned it out! Thank you very much.

Oh and I DARE any of you to stop your laughing right now and tell me you don't have a production to picking your nose. Because if you don't that means you use your finger. Or do it in the car. Or just don't care and want boogers to hang from your openings to dangle while you talk to your kids teacher or something.
Don't pretend that you don't or don't need to pick your nose. It's like farting. EVERYONE does it.
So you can stop laughing cause I got a production.
I had to sit there until the kids stopped laughing.
Then he added the production of cleaning my glasses. Though whole HHHHHA-ing on them and wiping them and checking them and wiping and checking till every last speck is gone.
WELL YEH! I have to SEE?!?!
Moving on.
I asked my go to guy Roo what he thought was the weirdest thing about me. Without missing a beat he answered: Daddy.
To which I busted out laughing. YES! Yes my husband IS the weirdest thing about me!
Then he added "that a good joke."
Yes, you sweet charming boy that was a very good joke!
And with that Hubby said: "GO AHEAD, go put it on your blog!" And he literally shooed me away down stairs.
I think the fact that I SHARED with you the nose story just proves, I may be weird but I'm REAL honest. AND you keep coming back for this weirdness.
You like me. You really REALLY like me. (blush)


  1. I do like you! And I like that you are honest. I like that you are so funny. Yes - I like you!

  2. Hahahahahahaha. I'm totally laughing here. You two are a riot. :-)

    I love ya, Sara.

  3. I am new here! What a great blog :)

  4. lol!!! what? me? fart? pick nose? ........never!!! :)

  5. Girl, you are hilarious!

    And I DO have a production for dealing with my nose, oh yes I do. And poor Savannah...when she sees me coming with the rolled up Kleenex, she has a fit. I guess I take it a little TOO seriously. :)

  6. Oh my gosh, that is too hilarious! THANK YOU!! I needed a good laugh this morning!

  7. You cracked me up with this post! :)

    Yes, we all have a production. Even if no one admits it.

    My SIL swore for years she had never farted. Then after she got married her hubby busted her and told the whole family that she does, indeed, fart. :)

  8. have i told you about my terrible gag reflux? oh you surely had me going on the nose picking part. YUCK. and that roo...priceless, sweet boy!


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