Friday, April 17, 2009

The dink carrier

Dear Mr. Mail Carrier,
I would like to remind you that the uniform you wear tells people that you do indeed deliver mail.
The truck you drive tells people you deliver mail.
It's a mail truck, stopping frequently to give and receive mail.
I had a letter to deliver, in my purse.
We were in the same place at the same time.
I politely asked if you wouldn't mind taking my letter?
Turns out you DID mind.
Minded so much that you referred me to a mail box a block and a half away, in the oppisate direction.
Yes, I do realize that I could have just slid the letter in my mailbox at home and put the flag up.
But you see you make it a point not to stop at my house until after 5PM. Which by law, I am suppose to receive my mail by 5PM. (I called, as if you didn't know. It used to be that I'd get my mail around 4:45 PM daily, except on Wednesdays. After I called and asked about timing I don't get my mail until after 5PM.)
I see you deliver mail on the other side of the street , the block behind me AND I see you sit there on the corner of my house taking your lunch hour and 30 mintues. Of course I've timed you. I'm curious as to how often I see you and yet I still don't have my mail.
Member that time I came out and asked for my mail?
You told me you wouldn't give it to me, so you began "lunching" in my son's preschool parking lot?
Yep, that was me waving at you.
From the time I've lived here, I've lefted treats for you on holidays.
You've left me nasty notes about removing snow from our box and threating not to deliver my mail. Have you noticed that I live on a Bus route and the plow goes by several times in a day?
Have you noticed that I get a lot of traffic both walking and driving that I worry about leaving letters in my box ALL DAY LONG?
So today, at the golf store I saw your truck, It was 10:30AM. I went in and saw you at the counter. Not with a mail bag or pile of letters, no, you were BUYING a box of golf balls and refused to take my letter. Even the guy behind the register was shocked.
You may not like me, you may feel entitled to stop on work hours to pick up a box of balls, but I'm telling you, you wear a uniform that says your JOB is to deliver the MAIL.
I had a letter, your job is to DELIVER it. Your uniform says.
If you are SO unhappy with your job, find a new one. I'm sure you'd be great as a meter maid, telling everyone they CAN'T park there, and handing out tickets. Because you sure don't like to get out of your truck, unless of course it's for balls.
I also want to remind you that if it doesn't FIT in my box you are suppose to bring it to the door, not fling it in the yard!

What a dink.
You better believe I'm watching for my flip flops...


  1. Grrrr! We have somewhat the same issues, but not as bad as yours. Our mail also comes late - shortly before 5. Yet - when we have another carrier it can come as soon as 2. When we have a big package, we get a card saying we need to come pick it up, even when someone was home all day, so we know there was no attempt to bring it to the door. It is also known around here that our mailman enjoys stopping at sales and his parents house for longer than break time. I feel your pain.

  2. you give it to him, Sara!!!!

    I have been fortunate to have very good mail people, but that is ridiculous!!!

  3. our mailman is so surly (sp?). he has the strangest rules for delivering mail and it seems like if the sun isn't shining just right, or venus doesn't line up with mars accordingly, he makes up some excuse not to give us our mail (i.e. hubby's truck is too close to the box...heaven for bid he gets out of his mail car to put it in our box).

    i can't believe he wouldn't take it from you! how rude!!!

    btw...i appreciated your sweet comments on my blog yesterday regarding my son's tantrum...thanks for taking the time to share!

  4. Sounds like he doesn't enjoy his job too much! Sorry you have to deal with that! It's amazing to me that service orientated jobs produce the most rude, unfriendly people around...i.e. waitresses, bank tellers, etc.! Go figure

  5. Whoamygosh you Must print this out and march it down to the post office! That's just uncalled for. But thanks for making me laugh, your post was Very well written! :o)

    Blessings, Carolynn


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