Thursday, April 16, 2009

You will be moved.

Have you heard of Susan Boyle?
How about Britains Got Talent?
Watch this...
If this doesn't stir you...
I can't imagine.
I've watched it now 5 times and I tear up every time.
Just watch it. Please.


  1. I saw her on the news....such talent.

  2. i cry every time i watch it. goes to show, we cannot judge!!!!! beautiful, just beautiful!

  3. i cannot believe how fast this video is spreading. how incredible for this sweet woman to become so famous in such a heartbeat.

    her smiles, tears, happiness and wit says it all!

  4. I am so glad you posted this because I have not been able to see it....I am here in bed (sick) crying, that was so beautiful!!!

    I liked the judges comment on cynicism!!

  5. Saw her this morning on the news. She's amazing!!!

  6. wow! i hadnt seen this or heard about it. i love when people suprise you and beat the preconceived idea you may have about them, as was the case here. very very cool.
    as far as an ultimate idol showdown?? shutUP!! i would be all over that in a heartbeat and i agree with you...carrie would win it hands down. :)

  7. yes! Love it when stereotypes get blown away!

  8. Oh I love that...thanks for posting! You're right...stirring.


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