Sunday, April 19, 2009

The one about sandwiches..

I have been craving sandwiches.
This is odd for me.
First, I don't even really like them.
By them, I mean the; slap some mayo on bread add two slices of meat of choice and call it a sandwich.
That's not a sandwich, it's a lazy-wich.
I'm admitting right now I'm lazy.
A sandwich has a dense meaty layer, a sauce layer, a veggie layer and soft chewy bread. Not wonder bread or bread that will break your teeth.
The sandwich could be heated, adding the melty cheese layer.
I've been watching too much Man vs Food.
This guy eats a lot of sandwiches.
Sandwiches that look SO good on my tv screen they make me shout from the sofa:
"I want a SANDWICH!"
Hubby replies. "Sara, you don't even like sandwiches."
I whine. "I know. But I want the sandwich."
I should not be watching this show.
It should be rated C, for CRAVING!
Did I mention I'm lazy?
There for I don't make the proper sandwiches, and then crave sandwiches I refuse to take the time to make.
But recently I've come across a new layer to add to my burgers, chicken patties and tuna sandwiches. I've even been known to throw it in to a hot dog.
I am talking about the Dill Pickle CHIP.
No, not the hamburger sliced pickles in a jar...
THESE bad boys!
I'm not sure that you know this about me, but I LOVE chips.
In this order:
Lays BBQ
Lays plain
Lays Dill Pickle
Lays Cheddar & sour cream
Do not try to give me fake Lays. Not old dutch, not your store brand I want me some LAYS.
Yes, there is a difference.
Especially with the BBQ, I've done tests. Roo and I have done tests.
Back to the sandwiches.
I add a layer of Dill Pickle chips to my sandwich.
Yes, I still add pickles to my sandwich.
I can not describe the delicious salty, dill crunch.
It is to die for.
The question every asks and answers the same:
If you could only eat one food the rest of your life?
It's true for me too, but I'd have to say Chips would rank very very close second.
Today we had tuna.
Has to be white tuna in a pouch, I don't do the sloppy canned stuff.
I put one tbs mayo & one tbs miracle whip and a diced up pickle in it.
Then I add the magic!
I am beginning to believe I will die from a heart attack.
Curse you Divine salt-crispiness.

Oh, mama likes her sandwich.

Which brings me back to the beginning.

I don't like sandwiches, to make them good you really have to work for it.

And I'm lazy.

When I get to heaven, in between the singing and praising; This gal is gonna have a Sa-weet lazy boy and an endless supply of sandwiches...

What? You feel like a roast beef ? BAM! There it is all made up just how I like it.

OOh, today I feel like corn beef with kruat! KApow! It's right there.

Oops, wipe my mouth it's time to praise.

Boy, that was fun, I'm hungry.

Who's ready for a sandwich???

And don't forget your Dill Pickle Lays!!!!


  1. Hmm - can't say I've ever had chips on a sandwich. And I'm supposed to be the one having weird cravings. :) Maybe I'll try it... Maybe.

    I do love me a good sandwich though!

    Girl, do you know you are super quirky funny?!! I love the fresh perspective and laughs I get over here. :)

  2. Oooh I always put chips on sandwiches! Yum! And I generally get strange looks when I do it...hmm. I'm a Lays fan too! Gotta try your kind.

  3. That was just entirely unfair for this pregnant lady to read! Tuna is discouraged.....I guess I could settle for the chips. :)

  4. "Curse you Divine salt-crispiness." Woman, I laughed so hard I choked. :o)

    I still put chips in my sandwiches too! And I Luh-OVE me some Plain Lays. I'm a firm beliver there's a few things in life you just can't go generic on: Toilet Paper, Mac & Cheese, Coke and Lays.

    Much Love,

  5. ok, 2 ways the Saras are alike.....I LOVE chips, any kind!!! my favorite though are salt and vinegar lays! And I love putting chips on my hamburgers!!!

  6. ok, I could see how the dill pickle chips would add a little somethin' somethin'. I don't know what tuna in a pouch is though. Have you ever had salted chips dipped in chocolate?

  7. I'll take a sandwich please ;)

  8. Chips on a sandwich rock. Then you don't have to bother with picking up the potato chip separately. It's all together. Just makes sense.

    And I love Dill Pickle potato chips.

  9. Okay, I'm caving in to this pressure and falling off the over-rated diet bandwagon! Thanks a lot! ;)

    Love your blog!

  10. HAHA! It's okay -- just do what I do: read them in the daytime, lol.

    Is it crazy that I now want to go buy Lays potato chips to put on my sandwich? ;)

  11. have such a way of making me laugh in hysterics and HUNGRY all at the same time!


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