Thursday, April 23, 2009

The one about the Earth.

It was Earth day yesterday.
I got a couple lessons given to me.
One by Circle. Circle is the name I gave this person so I don't say the name and get googled. Circle is a very successful show host.
She had a show on yesterday about recycling and what we can do to help save our Earth.
I had to laugh when Circle got excited and started chanting about how fun it was to save money.
"It's FUUNNNNN to save MoNEEEEEY!" She sang.
Then came the part where the other gal was talking about having a garden. Circle says "Oh, yeah I have a garden."
You could hear the audiences disbelief and then she clarified that she had a garden but also had someone else to take care of that garden but she loved when they brought in the basket of fresh fruits and vegetables.
Yes, don't we all. I know I'd love to wait on a basket to be brought to me.
Before you hold me accountable for that remark, please know I'm trying...real hard to be graceful.
I do like Circle, I like the good she does, but I have a hard time taking advice from someone who has, oh I don't know 4 -5 houses , and talks about the joys of gardening and saving money and then does shows about giving advice about sex education for your 11 year old girl.
She's in another realm than I live.
Paying $40 a pop for a light bulb to save $750 over 10years isn't in this family's budget. I'd need no less then 51 bulbs.
You ready for this?
It would cost me $2,040 to light my home.
That is a trip to Disney for this family.
Priorities, right?
Save the Earth, or go to Disney.
I know I'm cynical. I know. I won't even apologize for it. My heart wasn't made to bleed for Mother Earth.
I don't even bleed for the creatures of the Earth. I can spend hours figuring out ways to kill off bats and insects and crocodiles and do we really NEED snakes, mice, moles, rats...
I have NO love loss.
I like pandas. They eat plants.
I like that I eat meat.
Chickens, cows and BACON!
I was watching this show on the history channel about what the world would look like when there are NO people left. It was grim. Lights completely out by a month, except the hoover dam that could last 2 years or more, depending on how long it takes these muscles to clog up the pipes that cool the reactors. Plants would over run the world. I didn't watch all two hours, I got to a 5 year period...If our zoo animals could find ways out of their cages they'd rule the world.
When people start talking about global warming and saving the Earth and reduce reuse recycle.
I get SOME of it. But I am not up in arms that the Earth is going to crumble before our children's eyes.
I watch other things.
Pay attention to other warnings.
I don't believe God has any intention of leaving us on a dying planet.
He has a plan, He knows how long this planet will sustain us. And NO, it's not our job to save the planet. Our job is to prepare the planet for His coming again. The Earth ain't going anywhere until that happens and until God's plan is finished. Earth will end when God takes every last one of his people to there promised home.
Yes, we do stupid things. We are wasteful.
Global warming...all that.
I'd rather focus on feeding the poor in countries around the world. Giving medicine and water.
What about landfills?
Don't ask me. Once I put my trash in that plastic bin, it's out of my mind.
I AM mindful of donating as much as I can and recycling as much as I can.
I don't litter. I use reusable bags for all my shopping. I love the bags from Aldi. They are HUGE.
I also love my bags from Target. I get $0.05 every time I bring them back to use.
I love my reusable bags. They make me feel good.

I get disgusted every time I see cigarette butts lying every where. BARF!
Let's talk about THAT?
Instead of melting ice bergs.
Ok, had enough?
I just want to tell you one more thing:
Butter learned about Earth day at school.
She came home all proud that she helped clean up the Earth and how they picked up trash on the school playground.
I giggled. This is the same child that when I ask her to pick up her floor she spreads everything to the sides of the room and calls it "clean".
I said "Hey Butter, How bout cleaning up our little earth in our yard? There are some poop piles out there."
"MOM! I don't think the Earth wants ME to clean up poop."
"So only pop cans and candy wrappers?"
"And paper."
"There is paper all over your bedroom floor that needs to be recycled."
"Mom, you just learned about recycle cause I told you."
"No, I've been recycling for years...see that box under the sink, I put cans in there and plastic and paper."
She rolls her eyes.
"Well, Butter are you going to save our house for Earth day?"
"I think that you do a good job."
Somebody slap me! My child just said I do a good job!
I really think it might have been adult appreciation day instead!


  1. ahh, balance balance balance. i love how you said that God would not leave us on a dying planet. living here in what seems like the capital of GREEN and saving the earth, it is good to remember that PEOPLE are so much more important to save than this home that is not our ultimate home! great post sara!

  2. HAHA! Oh, that is great!
    My husband needs to read this; he would totally agree. I mean, I want to help the environment, but I'm not gonna leave a tree up when I need toilet paper, either. ;)

  3. Disney all the way!!!!!

    And you're right...we know the end and that is when Christ returns, and if he is going to return, he has to have something to return to!

  4. Nice description of Circle. Haha, I feel the same way about her...

  5. I think there are things we can do as to not abuse our planet, but all this propaganda (sp?)that enslaves humans to the planet is WAY out of hand!!


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