Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What's Your Answer Wenesday?

I have some good leads...
But that doesn't mean a thing.
Now we play the waiting game.
That's fine by me, I got other things to deal with now, like pink eye.
Argh. My eye itches SO bad.
(is that proper grammer? Can an eye itch? Or does it feel itchy?)
Never mind we all know I don't care about grammer.
You shouldn't either if you read this blog because you'd spend your time correcting then enjoying.
Is it possible to enjoy my ramblings?
Sometimes I do wonder.
Somebody told me I should have more give-aways.
Then more people would read me.
Hmmmm, I'm not sure I want that, then I'd have to read their blogs and I'd spend MORE time on the computer and less time wiping.
Yes, I said wipe-ping.
My son has grown into this phase of releasing one nugget at a time throughout the day. That equals about 7 "Mommy I go poopy(ies)" a day. If you are counting and I apparently am.
I'm TIRED of poopy. Mine, his, the the basement. (I'm going to kill her. wink wink.)
Speaking of dogs, Mom & Dad got a dog, Jackie. She's a Jack Russel terror, I mean terrier.
She has short dog syndrome. It's funny. She's short. She does not like when the kids ride bikes on the sidewalk, she snarls at the tires. And she tears the squeakers out of her toys the second she gets them. She's funny. She waddles too. Like a four legged penquin. Did I mention she's 7.
We like Jackie.
I need to get a picture for you.
Which brings me to my questions.

Most of you read Growin with it.

Linda asks random questions.

1) What would be your dream car?

2) If you could pick your name what would it be instead?

3) Would you space travel?


  1. I'll go first.
    1) What would your dream car be?
    I would like a volkswagon bug convertible, robins egg blue/black top.
    2)What would you name be if you could choose it?
    Kelly. Kelly's were always so pretty and smart everyone liked Kelly. Plus she is Barbie's sister.
    3)Would you space travel?
    If they could make a shuttle that didn't have the fear of tile breakage every launch and I could get to say Neptune and back in a week...SURE I'd do it.

  2. I don't think you need to do any of those things - just be yourself, cause we love you!
    1) I don't think I have a dream car - mines been acting up so all I want is reliable with good gas mileage!
    2) I have never thought about this - I think I'll just keep my own name.
    3) No way! I like my feet on the ground!

  3. 1. a mini coup!!!! bright blue!

    2. I like my name, so I don't think I would change it.

    3. nope! I like my feet on the ground!

  4. oh my gosh, sara! i love you for making me laugh so hard! poopy! oh, man i can't breath...

    okay, better now! here go my answers...

    1. i'd have my yellow VW beetle back! we traded it in for more of a 'family car' when we got married and i cried leaving it at the dealer! my husband hated driving my yellow beetle bug, but I LOVED IT!
    2. you chose KELLY!?! that is so cute! i'm not sure i fit the protocol for Kelly's...but i'm flattered anyway, and not that you were talking specifically about me...but i'm still flattered! for me, well, i do like my name, but i'd pick Amelia (but don't call me Amy!)...i just like it!
    3.) as long as i wouldn't throw up, pass out, or have achy ears on the way there, i'm in!

  5. 1) a hybrid SUV ( I accidentally put SUB- that would be hard to drive on the highway, but I could just go along our coastline, I guess)

    2) If you could pick your name what would it be instead? hmm, I didn't like Jane growing up, but I don't know what I would choose now...hmmmm...let me ask my 12 year old daughter. She says "Anna". I don't think I am sweet enough for that one.

    3) Would you space travel? I always say that we need to figure out taking care of earth before we explore the other planets, galaxies too much. I may try it, but I would need to know that there wouldn't be explosions, break downs, etc. It would have to be a short trip- I wouldn't like to be confined for too long.

  6. oh my word you cracked me up on the 1 nugget at a time dealie. hilarious!!!

    1. car, pff...mine would be a truck! and i'm not to particular about what one.
    2. grace...for SO many reasons.
    3. naaa, i already do in my mind WAY too often! bwhahah.

  7. RE: Exactly!! (And to find out more about the Tea Party Protests, click on the link on my blog.)

    And I missed this blog yesterday!!! So now I get to do it now, lol!

    1. A Volvo. I don't know what kind, but I can picture it in my mind. Black, preferrably.

    2. I dunno. Probably Erin. I don't know why Erin, but that's what I'd choose.

    3. YES. I would LOVE to do that, lol!


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