Wednesday, May 20, 2009

As I sit here writing this I'm STILL steamed about having my Aldi bag stolen from me at the grocery store. Some MORON took it out of my cart while I was paying. (It's a reusable bag I got at Aldi store, it fits up to three paper bags worth of groceries in it.) I had two, which was all I needed for my weekly shopping, but now I have one and need to go buy another one. I'm SO ticked!
So my first question is:
1) Have you ever had anything stolen? Or have you "misplaced" something never to see it again?
2) On a hot day you'd rather swim laps? Lounge in the pool in a floaty? or Run through the sprinkler?
3) Beer, Wine or something fruity?
4)Convertable or Jeep?
My answers:
1) My Aldi bag! DOH!
2)lounge on a floaty, and don't splash me either. I hate water on my face.
4)JEEEEEEEp. Doors off and windshield down! YEah baby!


  1. 1. my bike....but, I purposefully left it out unlocked because it was junk and I wanted it stolen!! :)

    2. lounge in a floaty for sure!!!!

    3. beer on a really hot day, wine with dinner!

    4. jeep!!!

  2. 1) I don't think I've ever had anything stolen.
    2)Lounging on a floaty sounds great!
    3) Wine. I hate the taste ans smell of beer.
    4) jeep!

  3. 1. My cell phone out of my coat pocket at CHURCH of all places! Thankfully the church was wonderful and replaced it for me. The kid was not very smart and started passing out my number but I of course had it changed to my new phone. But people called and asked for him by name. Thus making it much easier for the church & police to track him down!

    2. Lounge! But my husband would totally flip me!

    3. Fruity all the way!

    4. Jeep! I have a very strong country girl streak!

  4. Okay, I think you'll find it quite amusing that me, Misti, and another BFF of mine were talking about your super awesome blogs tonight in our car ride. ;) WE LOVE YOU!!!

    On to the answers..

    1. YES. A pair of cheap red workout shorts in high school. Don't ask me why I was so attached to them, but I was, and I hated when they got jacked.

    2. Oh, sooo lounge in the pool in a floaty. There's not another option, lol.

    3. Um...probably wine.

    4. Hmm....I'd take either, haha!

  5. 1. Oh yes. MY CAR. Believe me, that was NOT a good day. They found it later that day, smashed into a tree...some little punks had taken it out for a joy ride.

    2. Wine. I don't like beer at all, but I do like Baileys or a Grasshopper, something along those lines. You know, the ones that have a ton of sugar and a bazillion calories in them. :)

  6. LOL!! Oh, no! My hotmail acct is acting weird with stuff like that sometimes. I'll write this whole long e-mail, hit send, and it won't send, and the send button will disappear. I mean...what the heck??

    BTW, for future reference (Cause I think I took it off my blog), my e-mail is

  7. 1) My sisters and I steal each other's clothes and shoes on a regular basis...other than that, no.
    2) Lounge in the pool (or preferably on the beach!) but I do love some sprinkler-action!!
    3) Depends on my mood!
    4)JEEEEEP!!! \

    I can't believe some loser took your bag!! I'd be peeved too!


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