Friday, May 22, 2009

The one about Idol

THIS is why he's the new American Idol.
I caught this over at Kelly's blog and wanted to share it.
Kelly also mentioned hearing Kris has been witnessing to Adam.
God you are so GOOD.


  1. you know this is my city!!!! isn't it beautiful?!!!

  2. you got me tearing up on this one! i love this song. and to see him closing his eyes, looking upwards and raising his hands was so moving after only watching him on tv singing secular songs. awesome to see a winner giving God all the glory.

  3. goosebumps, friend! i hadn't seen this! i am so happy i have now. i had also been cheering Kris on and i knew God would use him in miraculous ways...and boy has He ever! i agree with Linda...seeing him raise his hands, eyes closed, opening to look up at Him...gave me tears!

  4. I just heard this on the radio yesterday. It's so awesome!

    I am usually very addicted to AI, but this year was either way to busy or way to tired to watch it. :) I think I only saw about 3 or 4 episodes. I was rooting for Danny G, but Kris is really awesome!

  5. i hope you don't mind...i copy-catted and put this up on my blog too but linked to yours as well. we may travel in different blog circles so i wanted to make sure my readers saw it too. i hope you don't mind!

  6. I was rooting for him. Thanks for sharing this video.

  7. This was AWESOME!!! Thanks for posting it!


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