Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The one about reality.

I am on reality overload! By that I mean, MY reality. It was a longggg weekend in which we had no plans. I do realize that some of you would give a body part for that kind of down time, I tend to savor the "doing something".
So, why didn't we have any plans?
This is our short month. We have one in the spring and one in the fall. Short, where the money is so tight we may have to go a few days without milk. It totally stinks.
So, any plans that would have been made would have cost money. Whether it be GAS to drive there, or marshmallows for a bonfire.
Yes, I was OUT of marshmallows.
So what was left for me to do was play catchup on my soaps. Normally, I watch each days show in the evenings, when childern and husband are sleeping. I got behind and had a weeks worth of two shows. That my friends is a lot of SOAP.
I also went to the library and checked out half a dozen DVD's on yoga. I got through 3. Some of those instructors are just too...I'll leave it at that.
Of course we had the Indianpolis 500 to watch. Helio ROCKS.
The bachlorette was on last night AND Jon and Kate plus 8's new season. I must tell you, even Hubby sat through it as we tried to figure out if the rumors are true, will they break -up.
Judging by the way they did the interview parts, I'd say that the rumors are true and it looks like Kate will be a single mom. Which I'm sure she won't mind telling us all about 50 more times that "She's doing it by herself." I love this show, I loved it because it seemed normal. It's HARD staying home and raising 2 kiddos. Watching them with 8, gave me courage, hope, endurance.
I also enjoyed watching Jon and Kate, they weren't lovey dovey, yes she could be harsh and he could be a little too laid back, I saw similarities there.
Then the fire storm happen and I started seeing Kate differently. Wow, she was spending a lot of time away from home. My personality type needs company. I would have gone crazy at home with 8 kids. I would not have been able to BE away from my kids or my man for days on end
either. Relationships are hard enough to work on when you are together. Without face time you just can't work on it.
I watched the party and saw that Kate rarely talked to Jon, other then to give him some orders.
It was heartbreaking to see. Also hard was now when they go out, they are followed by paparazzi. The kids aren't allowed to say the word!
People can make the argument that they signed up for it when they get paid xamount of dollars per episode. I see only one who this clearly matters to. Kate. Her whole identity has changed. I remember watching the show two years ago and she would barely leave the house, she was content to be home, making home-made play-do for the kids. Now it just seems like she lives for looking good on camera. I guess money DOES change people.
Next we have the Bachlorette. If you aren't a fan of this show just skip on ahead, I am seriously addicted to it.
I have watch nearly every season. The one I didn't watch was Byron's season, I didn't like either of the bachelors. I was into the fairy tale endings. The true love. Then I saw it for the train wreck it is. I love getting caught up in the drama. I mean come on who doesn't want to see Bilbro get booted at the very first rose ceremony? Or skive out over Tanner P. Or as I like to call him PhetISH. His obsession over feet is just plain ridiculous, but I am so into watching just how long it takes Jill to become wise to the creepiness of PhetISH. It started last night, when he held her foot and wouldn't put it down...but then HE got a rose...so another week with creepazoid ISH.
Then we have Juan. cough don cough. This guy is smooth as silk...just like Wes. Mr. I'm not here to promote my singing career by singing this ONE song every chance I get, when I'm not trying to schmooze Jill with my brown eyes, to make her feel special to keep me around long enough to finish my song to by the end I'll maybe have enough people wanting to hear it I'll get a record deal. OH PUKE! "They say love don't come eeeeeeeasyyyyyy." Seriously, they also say the bigger they are the harder they fall. The leaves are changing and I smell fall buddy.
Let's move on to Jake, the pilot and apparently smoking two-stepper. Yowzer! This guy is h.o.t.
Jake and Jill, (like the sound of that) had an amazing one on one date, he seems like a nice guy, they seem to have it all...is this the one that is going to be leaving mid way through because he can't take the pressure????? That's the rumor anyway, one guy chooses to leave. Time will tell.

Now back to my reality.
Friday night we had dinner with Rob's folks. ANytime I don't have to cook and meal time is GRRREAT! We left the kiddos over there while we went to a grad party. It was for a guy Tony who flunked out of college, started a business and decided at age 45 he should really get his degree. So he did. Tony is brother to Nick who is Hubby's best friend. It was great to see all the brothers there are 4 total, and they all look and sound alike. It's the craziest thing. Well, that and the fact that there were 20- year olds there too. Classmates of Tony's you see.
I got "stuck" in a converastion with two of them over what really happened on 9/11. See one of them believes that a plane NEVER hit the pentagon and that planes weren't what caused the building to collapse...no, that would be because the US planted bombs in the buildings to gain money. Now, I thinking in my head, this guy was what like 10 or 11 at the time, was probably on a bus headed to school that day, so he didn't WATCH the footage as it came in. Wasn't glued to the TV like most of us were that day, watching the second plane hit and the plane hit the pentagon. I was simply speechless listening to this "kid". I then noticed he had on a cross. I knew he was going to a catholic school so I asked. "So where do you stand on religion?"
"Well, I believe there is a God, I mean, how can there not be, science can't proove there isn't one right? I like all relgions. The buddists are peaceful and my mom is arabic so..."
"What about Jesus? " I ask staring at his necklace.
"Oh, well, he was a good man. I believe in a god and think that there should be a one god religion..."
At this point my Hubby came to save me. I never got to ask WHY he was wearing a cross, if he thought Jesus was a "good man." I think it was God's plan to get me out of there before I could have started a fight. My blood was on boil. It was like hearing about people that dismiss the holocost, saying it didn't happen. Oh, really so what like millions of people weren't gassed and burned?
There were no planes? Really????? Cause I saw a plane hit the second tower LIVE. I saw the pentagon moments after the plane hit there and the survalence video from it where frame by frame you see it. I watched in horror as the towers went down. It was UNBELIEVABLE, yes, but IT HAPPENED! I've never wanted to slap someone as bad as I wanted to slap this "kid".
"Jesus was a good man." comes out of your mouth while a cross hangs on your neck???
Blood boiling.
I slept until 10AM the next morning. I was tired. My brain was on fried. If only I were smarter, a better debater...
Bonfire was Saturday, as I mentioned it was done without marshmallows, which meant no smores. Didn't matter, all the kids wanted to do was run around the yard. They had all day to run around the yard, but something about being a hour past bedtime makes you want to I guess.
Sunday we had dinner again with Rob's folks. Beer-can Chicken. DELICIOUS! IT was also the day we got to see Grandpa Melvin's metals he earned in WWII. One of them being a bronze star. I loved hearing Gary talk about his Dad and reading the love letters he wrote to Ruth while he was over seas during the war. Letters filled with Darlings and Sweetie and wondering about his baby son and please send more pictures I want to see how he's grown. It brought tears to my eyes. Melvin died 30 years ago. I would have been 5. Yet he came to for a visit last year which would have been their 66th wedding anniversary.
By Monday, I was ready to pull my hair out. We did a whole lot of this:
Lounging around. Normally, I get the weekend to go out. Alone. Shopping maybe or get my hair cut...but the reality of money had me stuck at home listening to Jonas brothers or preschool songs or sports or the dog barking...
This morning I found the sound of school buses roaring to a stop outside my bedroom window comforting, if it is only for two more weeks. Because between the hours or 9AM and Noon I read blogs, I write my blog, I comment on blogs. And I don't feel the least bit guilty. Rob's at work, Butter's at school and Roo can entertain himself well when his sister isn't around. Now that's a reality I like.


  1. Wow! I would have been so frustrated by that conversation. It reminds me of the people who say the holocaust never happened. They don't believe the video or the number tattoos?
    I watched Jon and Kate too and thought it was so sad. I agree with you that Kate has really changed. Very sad.

  2. Just READING that conversation makes my blood boil too. I'm one of those people who usually leave those kind of situations quietly, then go over in my head what I should have come back with...for the next three days! LOL

  3. Me thinks you will have to join myself and Sarah (@life in the parsonage) for coffee sometime. Your fastfire randomness would fit in nicely.
    I am sad to hear the news about Jon and Kate being true. I just read their book this winter. It's a good reminder to not lose sight of all God is doing and stay focused on Him.
    I feel you on the $. Jesse wants me to buy Go-gurt just because it's gone, and he doesn't understand not having $ is not fixed by a trip to the bank:-)

  4. man sara...i just love your convictions and willingness to ask. ASK. way 2 go girl!

  5. that conversation reminds me of what people said, and still say, about the holocaust...very sad.

    love the picture of the kids!!!

  6. For someone who did "nothing" all weekend, there was a lot here to think about! I don't watch Jon and Kate, but a few of my friends have mentioned their dismay. My uneducated opinion- shut off the cameras and work on your marriage- you got 8 children who need two parents in the same home. Has reality tv worked for any families that are featured????
    I remember thinking some dumb things when I was 20 and look back now and think that some people must have wanted to shake me- hopefully that boy grows up a bit.

  7. Ny heart goes out to Jon & Kate right now. They have got major issues to deal with. I think they need to just quit the show and work on their marriage and their family.

  8. Disclaimer: I don't watch Jon and Kate.

    But I am a mom of multiples (twins) and there was a long time in there where life was HARD. It's all just a fog of survival for months. You loose every ounce of yourself for a while, and even the most organized and self-motivated person can get lulled into a daze of feeding, cleaning, and grooming the people in her house. It was tough and I can only imagine what it was like with 10 people in the house.

    But at some point, about the time my girls were 2 1/2 and potty trained, I came out of the fog and realized that I can love my children and husband, enjoy serving them, loving on them, and still take care of myself. I don't have to be frumpy if I don't want to be. I don't have to go months without a haircut unless I want to. I can still care about my appearance without being vain.

    Walking around in old clothes, eating chicken nuggets every day, and never putting on makeup doesn't make me a good mom. I can still be a great mom and feel pretty.

    I'm not saying that's what Kate is doing, but she could be. I'm not saying she and Jon don't need to re-focus. I agree with the above commentors, get rid of the cameras and work on your marriage. Stick it out and don't let Hollywood ruin your family. But there is always 2 sides to every story.

    As for the 18 year old...I've loved many 18 year olds and, without exception, there have been times when I've wanted to shake every single one of them.

    2 weeks of school? We're down to 2 days! Can't wait for the lazy days of summer!

    Have a great week.


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