Thursday, May 21, 2009

The one where I suffer finger and mouth disease.

Ok, if you read Crab salad. I'm sorry, what a waste of time.
If you haven't, don't, you've been warned.
I had a terrible case of saying without thinking err, fingering without thinking.
That sounded lude. Typing without the filters on.
It's painful when your head gets in front of your mouth and there's no stopping the train wreck they are about to cause.
Yeah, that's what happened this morning. I went blathering on about what I know and how I feel and didn't even have the facts straight.
What a moron.
I can call myself a moron. If it's true it's true. Today it is true.
As I said in the post:
This is my brain on satan.
Yeah, him and his blahbbity blah blahs.
It happened right there for all your eyes to see the light-bulb moment when I realize, crap I had it wrong in my mind and took it straight from the source and the whole rant was useless.
Then I start going on about stuff and show I have COMPLETE and utter double-standards.
Again, I say, this is my brain on satan.
He likes me. I think a lot, question a lot. LOVE my own opinions and hey, I have a blog and can talk all I want too...Oh, he really likes me.
I am chatty today for reasons unknown to me.
2 posts in one day, I have laundry waiting to be dried...
And yet I have questions in my head like:
What kind of razor do ya'll use? I like the Gillette sensor but MAN, are the expensive. It is cheaper to buy a whole new razor every time then to by the refills.
And how often do you shave? I mean is it like an obsession? Can't go a day without shaving your pits? the SECOND you see leg hair you bolt to the shower?
How come nobody on survivor ever talks about the bathroom situation out there?
(again with the potty talk, I know, sorry.)
I would be scared to DEATH having to go in the woods? Turn my back on WHAT?
What happens if a girl gets her "aunt" out there, then what?
Hey, inquiring minds want to know.
Did you see American Idol last night?
I was stunned. Not because I thought Kris shouldn't have won. I thought Adam would win. I still like Gokey best. I loved that he sang with Lionel Richie. AWESOME. And that Kris sang with Keith. Totally rocked. And Adam sang with Kiss that was killer. Hated the Black eyed Pea thing and what was that with Megan and Michael and Steve Martin? Yuck. I really don't like/get Megan. Maybe it's the tattoo? Or her voice or the way she sings...
I think Kara should be fired on the grounds that her song sucked. And that she's willing to flash a bikini on live TV just so she can be as lame as bikini girl. That was pathetic.
Apparently, I have a lot to say and none of it would make the rough draft of a devotional.
What do you think of all this Jon and Kate (plus8) stuff?
Is it a ploy to make you watch the new season that starts on May 25?
Or are they really imploding right before our very eyes?
Why or WHY wouldn't you take those kids and hide in a closet for a year if this stuff were true?
I think I'd stop doing the shows. I have opinions on this too. No big surprise there.
If you lived with me you'd hear them, cause filters don't apply at home and if you are within hearing distance you hear it all.
Do me a favor, never meet me.
I'd act like a nervous fan and ask you if I could get a picture with you just so I could prove that you are real...
And when I'm back home I can hold up your picture and refer to you when I discuss our discussions, cause this mind and mouth don't have a mute switch.
Aren't you glad you stopped by today?
Now, seriously, what razor?


  1. LOL!!

    I think I use Gilette, too. It's pink. That's about as much as I know.

    I hate the Jon and Kate stuff because they go around speaking to churches, and I hate to think that there's adultery going on there. But, yeah, I'm sooo agreeing with you: Take a year off from the show.

    My mom and I used to watch Survivor, and one of the girls had a visitor...and it stained her clothes on the night she was eliminated. I felt really sorry for her.

    Oh, and back to the shaving, I hold off as looonnngg as possible, mainly due to laziness. ;)

  2. funny thing is I don't even know the name of the razor I use...I just know what it looks like!! that's my not detailed mind at work!!! and as for shaving...I do it the least amount I have to...fortunately for me I don't have a lot of hair and can go a long time without anyone knowing!!!! seriously, if I were on survivor, you'd think I shaved the whole time...don't hate me!

    good questions...I'd like to know the answers too!

  3. Never meet you? Bah! I can't wait to do it again, lol. You're fantastic and don't you forget it!

    :o) C~

  4. I didn't watch AI, but I listened to the two boys on iTunes, and I LOVE Adam. And John and Kate are crazy. You're right. Turn off the cameras and get your crap together.


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