Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The one I deleted

I planned on re-telling the tale of my summer in Boston. Straight from the journals/diaries themselves as I had written them down.
Turns out I was up ALL last night editing and changing names to protect privacy, and the longer I kept at it the more I couldn't sleep. It was like God was saying "hey, look it's a good story, but one you can tell in a different way. One that doesn't have to be so personal for the rest of the people involved."

It wasn't until I decided to delete all 5 and half posts I had written that I was finally able to go to sleep. At 5 AM this morning. I was up a few short hours, that felt like minutes, later.

Blank screen and no idea WHERE to start, two of you read the first post and loved it. I'm so glad, it really is a fun story. Maybe it can be my first "fictional" novel. ha ha ha and only about 10 of us would know it wasn't fiction!

What I'm saying is FACEBOOK, facebook stole my guts to post the story! Blasted.

I know you get what I'm saying.

I promise to write it, essay style, without quotes, it's less personal for others.

I still can't believe I deleted 5 and a half posts!!!!! ARGH! And that was only HALF the story.

I need to collect my thoughts and start over.

Sorry girls, if you'd like more details, just send me an email, I'd be happy to share that way.

To my girl C, who wrote me last night the sweetest email. I know I wrote you back, but Just wanted to give you bloggy love too!

Last night Hubby interrupted my writing, he was having a bad day and wanted to watch Paul Blart Mall Cop. Oh, goodness see it! It was so silly/funny. I'm glad I took that break, and then watched Bachelorette, and then watched OLTL and then watched GH...I told you I couldn't sleep until I deleted stuff...


  1. Darn it!!! You had me hanging by a thread :)

  2. Sorry you didn't get any sleep! That stinks. But kudos on listening to your heart. I'm sure it will all come out just as it should when you start fresh. But dang...yeah...lots of work!

  3. Hope you get some sleep tonight. Did you change your blog look? Or am I going crazy? Love it!

  4. go SLEEP! you went to bed at 5 AM!?! crazy!

    i too have started posts and deleted them...and then i think to myself "well, that's time i will never get back" DRAT!

  5. I wish I'd been up at dawn to read it! Thanks for the love, you're the best. :) Seriously, you INSPIRE me Sara.

    Much Love, C~

  6. Dang it! Can we have letters as names? A, B, C, D...? =D

  7. BTW, and NO, I'm not editing your stuff or any other bloggy comments, HAHAHA!!! (Though I had ya worried for a while, didn't I?) Oooh -- I had a student yesterday who sent me an e-mail (remember now, this is an online class that's been going on for four days now) saying, "Um....I didn't realize class began then, so can I just make up all the work and still get credit? =(" Uh...NO. Be an adult and figure out when class begins! (Not that the numerous e-mails I sent her apparently didn't help, huh? LOL)

  8. Where's the first part? I've been sooooo out of the loop! It's not going to change any time soon, but I do stop in!


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