Monday, August 24, 2009

Nodding my head like Yeah.

I spent my Sunday evening searching the itunes store. I had rented the Hannah Montana Movie for Butter. It turned out I enjoyed it more. See when I was little I wanted to be a pop star. The neighbor boy across the street was older then me, and we would put on these "shows". Curtains and all. No, I couldn't sing then either. But it didn't matter to me if I sounded "pitchy" I loved standing on stage and belting out 'You light up my life'. When my friend Jody got older, she and I would put on Christmas shows. We'd spend all of our break rehearsing and give one night only shows for our parents. Well, lets be real here, her parents and a couple neighbors, I never remember mine being around. (That's really sad, that I only now remembered that...moving on)

They didn't have music for us back then. You just got what they played. Not like today, where Disney cranks out a new "group" or person every year. I will admit, I like listening to most of it.

The Jonas Brothers are a favorite right now. And Taylor Swift, (though she's not Disney) It's funny because Butter didn't like her at the beginning of summer, now since she's seen her on the Jonas DVD, she does. (I don't have the heart to tell her Joe dumped her with a text!) She wouldn't get that. As I was going through songs, I found myself dancing along. This is normal, a good beat comes on, my body moves. (NOTE TO SELF: Play more music in the house!)

WonderBread had taken the kids to the Italian car show for the day. I chose not to go. Cars begin to all look the same after about 30 minutes. Plus he was wearing THIS shirt:

Our morning conversation went like this:

"That's what you're gonna wear huh?"

"Yeah, what's wrong with this shirt?"

"Nothing, if you don't mind being stared at..."

"That's the best part, I can't get lost."

"No, they'll WANT to loose you."

"It's cool."

"It's cheesy, loud and blinding"

"I like it."

"I'm glad I'm not going."

"Come ON. It's a cool shirt."

I stop engaging.

Later that day he comes down to the computer:

"I got TWO compliments on my shirt."

"Old guys don't count Rob."

"NO, they weren't old! One was a cool guy..."

"If he liked your shirt he wasn't COOL!"

"No, he was, he said he went there."

"That explains it. Did he have gray hair?"

"Yes, but..."

"I said no old guys, lemme guess he was wearing a straw hat too? Checked shorts?"

He was silent, which tells me I had the guy pegged.

"OK, and the other one?" I asked

"It was a lady! HA."

"Give me a break! She was afraid of you."

"She wasn't afraid."

"She was watching you to make sure the kids belonged to you, and you caught her staring so she gave you a fake compliment..."

"Well, I think it's a cool shirt."

"That's good Honey, and you can wear it all you want when I'm not going out with you." I added a wink.

Then it changed to him asking about the Zac Brown Band. Okay, it actually went like this:

"Who sings that fried chicken butt on the beach song?"

"Which song are you talking about Chicken Fried or Toes?"

"What's Toes?"

"A song. 'Got my toes in the water, my butt on the sand...'"

"YEAH! that one. Who sings that?"

"Zac Brown Band."

"I want that one. Do they sing fried chicken too?"

"It's Chicken FRIED, not fried chicken."

"Whatever, is that Zac Efron band?"


"Brown Chicken?"

"Zac BROWN band sings Chicken Fried yes."

"And fingers?"

"TOES. Seriously. Are you trying to annoy me?"

He grins.

Ummhmm, that's what I thought.
Don't get me started on his texting knowledge, it's just WRONG.

Nodding my head like YE_________EAH.


  1. i'm so glad i'm not the only mom who likes their kids music!☺

    man you cracked me up a good one on this post. your husband is a hoot. and that shirt...oh my!!!

    miss stopping by here...thanks for lovin' on me lately!

  2. WOW on the shirt!! :)

    You guys are so funny. :)

  3. I would have had the same question if Beau would have come out in that shirt.

  4. Hahahaha! On the shirt and Zac Efron (sp?)! Too funny!

  5. that shirt. I need to make sure that my dad never sees it!!!


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