Thursday, August 20, 2009

Some summer pictures

I can't remember the last time I posted with pictures.
We've kept busy this summer, for the most part here are some of my favorite shots.
Butter and I at Comotown, I'm trying to convince her to go on a ride. This particular day she stopped two different rides to get off. It seems sass can only get you so far, then fear takes over. She was very vocal about what rides she go on on the way there, then when faced with actually going on them, as I said the sass only got her so far. Her favorite ride: The swings. They make me sick just watching em.
My BOY! Roo can be picky about most everything. What he eats, wears, play with. He's a red man. Everything red, he likes to wear. He was in the red class lst year in preschool. This year it's the purple. When finding this out he CRIED "NO, I want the RED class!" So we devised a plan. We are a football loving family, our hometown team the Vikings wear purple. We kept telling him this over and over, until we were at Kohls and Rob showed him a jersey, a Vikings jersey. Roo even tried it on. Then Rob saw the price $22(on sale) He didn't like the price. Rob not Roo, so he said no take it off. The kid CRIED. (not screaming or tantrum crying just big wet sad tears) He WANTED it. When they came home and I found out about it, I put my foot down. "You will go back and get it tomorrow!" I said. Guess how much he had to pay? $40. It went off sale.
He hasn't taken the shirt off in three days. This boy asks for very little when it comes to clothes and it used to be if it was red he'd wear it...well, he's finally branching out and I think $40 is a small fee to pay for that!
See look at him, catching the football like a pro! Just think that $40 dollar jersey could lead to a 40 million dollar signing bonus!!!!
On a side note: The dog goes NUTS when they play ball, she wants in on the action and isn't afraid to nip some heels to get it!
Ah, yes...Sweet Butter. She LOVES to dress up. It was stinkin hot this day(notice the haze the camera fogged up when I brought it outside!) We were over at Nana & Papa's for a picnic and she wanted to dress up. She and this other little boy found the winter stash and came out with hats gloves and scarves on. She makes me giggle. She is SO me when I was a little girl!

We can't leave out Pipe! She is constantly messing up her beard. It drives me crazy. I spend good time daily brushing her and making her look pretty, yeah she hates me for it. She is spoiled and sassy. If the cat is in her way she will bark until somebody moves the cat. If she wants to play ball she will bark until somebody plays with her. She sleeps on Rob's pillow, her choice not his and (don't judge me) she gets people food at every meal. I can't help it I have a thing for my dog/baby. She hates being dressed up, which Rob would never allow anyway. We sing together (NOT well either) She'll dance with me if she's in the mood and she likes to shred things, paper bags and newspaper if given the "OK". She also reads your blogs with me. 70% of the time she is on my lap. I love my Dog!


  1. There is an infamous picture of me in a full snow suit... in AUGUST when I was 8. What can I say? My dad loves a good deal, lol! I love that you put your foot down about the jersey. LOVE. My grandparents had a dog like yours, her name was Tinkerbell. :)


  2. My middle son wore a winter glove on one hand for almost 6 months when he was around 4....we lived in TX so it was hot! We refer to that as his Michael Jackson stage!

    i had a schnauzer growing up. He was such a great dog!!

  3. Butter sure knows how to accessorize ... the sign of a true fashionable lady.

  4. Love the pics! My son spent a summer wearing a bike helmet and winter gloves...everyday!

  5. Too cute!! I love Butter in dress up clothes. Looks like fun!


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