Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Reading, Writing and what I know.

Well, did you enjoy the weekend reading?
I worked stinkin' hard to get that done. It is so hard to remember it from afar and not get lost in the emotion. Argh!
C~ you are so sweet to ask why I don't write.
I have no confidence. I am a terrible speller and the grammar police would arrest me.
When I was in broadcasting school, did ya'll know I went to broadcasting school?
When I was in school working on my tape, my instructor kept telling me how to say things. It was okay, getting the help but he started changing the content on me too. Finally I said "I'd never say that. I'd never say it that way or in those words...I'd say___________."
Since it was MY tape I did it MY way. (Somebody cue Sinatra)
I still got a top grade, but he gave me a bad review, for not "following instruction."
Hey, I'm not a puppet, nobody is gonna stick their hand, well, you no where, and tell me what to say.
Homie don't play that!
(Get it Homie, I'm home slice, it's from In Living Color...ahem okay forget I said it)
I got my certificate and went on my merry way. No, I did NOT pursue a job in radio, or television. Frankly, I don't feel they gave us enough to work with for TV and I had just gotten back from Boston so I wasn't moving to some itty bitty town in the Dakotas working the 2AM shift.
That wasn't my dream, I did it to get my parents off my back and for 18 months it worked.
I listen to that tape sometimes and think "WOW! That's me!?! Huh, I really can do something good other then wiping butts and making meals!"
I've always loved writing though. I wrote stories in High School. I loved reading Christopher Pike. I wrote a story about a popular click that was being killed off one by one...I changed names of course but my close friends knew who was who. It turned out the a girl (*cough* me) began figuring things out, and she ended up saving the MPB's life. (most popular boy's) There was a huge "surprise ending". Which my BFF thought was great, since it involved her.
Maybe I should dig that out...
It's on that old paper that used to come out of the box and you would have to tear it apart sheet by sheet. You remember, back when you saved things on floppy disks. HAHA that sounds so funny!
Now, I am LOYAL to books I read and love.
I am also extremely picky when it comes to stories. Books for me are either an escape or something to give me knowledge.
If a book is fluffy, I hate it.
If a book I think is suppose to be an escape is too "real" or "could happen in real life" I stop reading it. I don't want anymore.
I used to read James Patterson, then he spooked me.
I have never read Danielle Steele or Nora Roberts, My mom read that stuff.
I am reading right now a book series Stephanie Meyers brought to my attention.
Percy Jackson and the Olympians. (It's a young adult series) By Rick Riordan
It is complete make believe and I am enjoying it.
I've read the Nanny Diaries. Eh. I've read nearly every Kristin Hannah book. FIREFLY was my favorite.
I need books to have "happy endings" okay, happy isn't the right word, NEAT it must have a NEAT ending. I don't mean neat as in "That sunset was neat." I mean it must tie up everything in the book. If the author brings in a character just to fill pages and they have nothing to do with the STORY other then they say a few lines and then they are gone, don't bother. I need to FEEL something for each one of my characters. Don't' throw a bunch of names and places at me that I have to keep straight right away, and please PLEASE give me some tension, Scare me a little.
My favorite book that I was assigned to read was Night by Elie Wiesel
My least favorite book that was recommended: Anna Karenina By Tolstoy. That book was TOO long and I wanted to ring HER neck for the stupid choices she was making.
Book I was mildly surprised about: I Love You Beth Cooper. (A High school kid tells a popular girl he loves her in his Graduation speech and an incredible night ensues) Warning this has potty language. I didn't have high expectations, but since I gave the grad speech at MY high school and I had tons of nightmares about it and secretly wished I could say something that would get someone's attention (finally). But alas I never did, I gave it, Principal approved, and I'm sure it was long forgotten!
If you don't know by now, I'm a huge Harry Potter fan. I could talk Potter all day! I can sit and nit pick where the movies got it wrong and why I think they should have done it different. (Then again I have know idea how the last two will be shaped and played out, but I'll be ticked if they don't do the book justice!) I have read the seventh book a total of 12 times. Yes 12! I love it. It does everything a book I want to read should. I don't have issues with it being about witches. It's NOT it's about MAGIC.
I've read all the Twilight books and was equally entertained, but not nearly as outspoken about.
Twilight is a love story, and it gets mucky with moral issues in the end. I liked the ending, but friends saw it differently, so there is room for debate.
It is now lunch time, and if you follow me on facebook, you'll know I chased away our dinner fairy. I had this idea that is was time to clean the kitchen, I'm talking top to bottom and all around the middle, well, I may have "cleaned" away her home and know I'm left fending for myself with ideas and planning and preparing...I hate when the fairies leave.


  1. Lack of confidence wouldn't make it to the top 50 things I'd say about you friend! I never knew you went to school for broadcasting, that's so cool! I love Love LOVE the Twilight series, but I'm conflicted, spiritually, about being obsessed about vampire books, hmmm.... that's why I never picked up the Harry Potter books, because of the witches, but my sister says I'm lame and missing out, lol!

    Good luck with dinner; here's to hoping you chased her to my house.


  2. my kids are off to school and so I am getting caught up on all the blogging I have missed!

    broadcasting school? I can see that!!

    Love the book Night. ONe of my kids is reading it this year. I try to read most everything they read. My newest fav book is Snowflower and the secret Fan. set in ancient china.

    off to read the chapters I have missed!

  3. I didn't know you went to broadcasting school!! That is so cool! A lot of my friends went into broadcast; I did an internship at a TV station, but it really wasn't for me.

    I'm a Harry Potter fan, too. Somewhere on facebook there's a picture of me and my friend Rebecca at the midnight sale of the 7th book, and we're standing by a cardboard poster of Harry Potter.


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