Thursday, August 13, 2009

Smell this.

You gals gave me some good verses there. Thanks.
I've been tooling around bloggy world and checking up.
It feels good, having a quiet minute or ahem couple hours to myself. The kids are at vacation bible school this week and Hubby is back to work, which is really nice because he'll come home and give my a nice kiss, to which the children run shrieking from the room, and he'll say "I missed you today."
hmmmm, really? Missed ME? or missed not being at work which puts him around me and the meals I prepare all day long?
Nope it seems it IS me. He likes my smell.
Do you have this?
The smell thing?
I think I could curl up and die happy next to him, as long as he hasn't just mowed the lawn, worked on the car or played a game of hockey. (Which he doesn't play, cause he's clumsy and can't skate, but hockey players reek something fierce!)
And he nozzles me. I don't wear perfume much, pregnancy made sure of that. No, not NOW, but since I was four years ago, my smell hasn't been what it used to be. I am damaged goods, I can smell things from a mile away, or I can tell if the dog got mad and pooped downstairs without having to "see" the proof. I can smell when we are nearing a farm, hobby or otherwise long before we see the barn. I could probably be a tracker for the Lost survivors. John and Kate may be able to read trails but I could smell them out!
So if I meet you and ask "What's that smell?" I mean it in a good way. Because if it was bad, I wouldn't be standing close enough for you to see me. Which is why malls bug me. Do you know how many smells there are in there? I can't stand to walk by Ambecrombie or Hollister, they pump their stench out into the walkways.(If I spelt those wrong, sorry I don't go close enough to them to see how they spell their names!)
Oh and chicken farms, I stay far far away from chicken farms. A few chickens aren't bad...ok most farms with animals are stinky.
If driving I will say "Where's the skunk!?!?!?" and about five minutes later Rob will say "There it is." After argueing there wasn't one, and I'll say "SEE, I told you I smelt skunk!"

So Sara where do you like to go? Where are the good smells at?
So glad you asked!
The apple orchard. Ours has a bakery,mmmmmmm.
I like to smell babies. They each have a unique smell. This is why I call my daughter Butter...and my son smelt absolutely delicious sweet and fruity with a hint tropical. Rob swore me never to tell a living soul that our son smelled "fruity". Well, it was SWEET and fruity there's a difference.
Clean laundry. I LOVE clean laundry. Tide. Downy. I can tell a Tide load from a Gain. I've never smelt Oxyclean and I hate A.L.L. and Clorox. But I do use Clorox, because it's the only thing that gets out the stink in the towels. You know, what I'm talking about right. After a towel has been used for a few days that musty, sweat smell. SO GROSS.
I like cookies baking too. I get more pleasure out of baking them then eating, because the never taste as good as they smell.
Do you remember those scratch and sniff stickers we used to get? The one's that would smell like pickles or grapes or bananas? Those were AWESOME! But I don't think I could have them in my house now, they'd throw off my smell-o-vision. And I need that with a temperamental dog and an kid that still has "accidents" I need to be on my game.
So now I have to ask:
What is your favorite smell and why?


  1. Ahh I loved scratch and sniff stickers!!!

    My favorite smell EVER is that of a bonfire. It smells like so many things I love...the fall, s'mores, cool weather, my dad (maybe because he was always burning leaves).

    Freshly ground coffee, Spiced cider, and Gain dryer sheets three-way tie for second.

  2. My favorite smell is my kiddies after a bath. It's not just the lavender... it's THEM. I totally get this post and Love it!


  3. I have a heightened sense of smell too. I can walk into a football arena and instantly smell if someone is smoking a cigarette 1000feet away. Smell a poopy butt from across Wal-Mart. I tease now and say I am part vampire/werewolf, cause I'm a Twilight freak. Anyway good to know I'm not the only one. Laundry and babies, my fave smells.


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