Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Bullet point for Tuesday.

  • It is cold.
  • I don't feel like doing anything, going anywhere, talking to anyone.
  • it is a busy week for my mind. Remembering picture day, which day to make cold lunch, keeping track of appointments.
  • I have a calender, color coded and yet can't seem to remember to read the darn thing.
  • I am BLESSED by your blogs. The days I most feel like pulling inside myself and feeling funky(junky, pity, poopy) those are the days I am reminded by you to go to the cross.
  • Music Music Music. I'm going to play my worship tunes over and over again until it's ringing in my ears AND my heart.
  • I'm going for a walk TODAY. period. No excuses.
  • I'm going to go buy myself some crocs, and I don't care if they are ugly, if I can slip them on, I'll get out more. Just the thought of putting on shoes makes me want to stay home! (I want my flipflops back!)
  • I WILL make it to stamping group tonight.
  • I will not stress over dinner. It's soup and grill cheese tonight.
  • I will kiss my husband as soon as he comes in the door. He DESERVES to be WELCOMED home.


  1. Boy have I had those days...

    And the whole calendar thing is stressing me out these days too. There is so much going on and I am afraid I won't remember it all. SO much now that two are in school.

    It sounds like you are choosing joy though - and that is so encouraging! Put on those crocs, go to stamping group, kiss that husband!!

  2. I like the choice you are making!!!

    It's not cold here but fall is in the air and I am not ready. just adds to my "mood".

    Thanks for your comment today. It is so nice to know that the things that encourage me are also encouraging others.

  3. well my dear friend...i am now inspired to:
    organize my calendar, turn my worship music up loader, go for a walk, buy crocs and put a soup/sandwich dinner plan on my calendar!


  4. aw, i do hope your day got better! the cold is refreshing to me as it reminds me that things are not always the same and change is good. i'm now going to go and turn up my music and clean! woo-hoo!


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