Thursday, September 24, 2009

A gorilla named Tumba

My kids love stuffed animals. Especially those sweet little beanie babies. My floor is constantly littered with beanie babies. Countless times I've bent over and picked them up off the floor, carried them to the respective room and toss them in. Ah, satisfaction, off my floor into theirs.
Last night I was turning out the lights and heading to bed, I noticed a black blob on the floor, first the panic it something dead? Where's CAT? If she's milling around chances are good it's her bounty. She was nowhere around. Deep Cleansing breath.
Then I realized it was indeed just a beanie baby. A Gorilla in fact. Named Tumba. Tumba is Roo's. I picked Tumba up, when I noticed something odd:
Do you notice it too?
Tumba is missing an ear.
I have no idea how Tumba lost his ear. If I had to guess, I'd say it was from being spun around by his ear. Maybe Tumba wasn't listening...
I'm pretty sure it was an accident, however Tumba lost his ear.
I felt sad. Firstly, because of the careless nature Tumba has been played with. Then I started thinking...Would Roo notice if I threw Tumba away?
I could sew Tumba up, Would Roo notice that?
I could keep Tumba for myself, like a mascot of sorts.
The imperfect Gorilla who is still loved even though he's missing his ear.
Did you notice Tumba's eyes?
They are crooked, one eye is higher then the other.
I know because I thought it was my eyes playing tricks on me, I stared at that gorilla a good 15 minutes and decided nope, his eyes ARE crooked.
I have a gorilla who is deaf on one side and can't see straight either.
Hmmmm, I seem to have much in common with this stuffed beanie baby toy.
I can be deaf to God. If I don't like what he's saying I claim "Bad connection!" "Sorry I can't hear you..." or selective hearing, if you live with a boy or man you'll know how this one works!
I don't look carefully, maybe I am completely crooked in my view.
hahaha, boy can THAT be true.
So, yeah, I'm keeping Tumba for myself. He can be my reminder it's not the OUTside that matters, it's the INSIDE...the HEART. More importantly the DESIRES of the heart that matter to God.
Lord, Let this be a day to examine my heart. What things am I holding onto with judgement. What hurts do I need to let go of? Replace those holes and cracks with your healing. Fill me with your spirit to go and love those around me. Blind my eyes to their imperfections, so that I only see YOUR reflection.
Deafen my ears to the sounds of the enemy, I want to HEAR you.
In your holy and righteous name. Amen


  1. our gorilla is named "george" and boy is he well loved on! fabulous analogy sara. oh thank goodness we don't ever get "thrown away"...but loved on twice as much because of what we've been thru it seems.

  2. Loved this post, Sara!

    Missed you while I was gone, girl!


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