Thursday, October 1, 2009

Slow day.

Yesterday tested me. It was chalk full of busy-ness.
It was school picture day for Butter. Her hair is twice as long as last year, which means four times as long to "do" it. She has my hair. Fine strands that equal thick hair. I know that is hard to make sense. Our hair gets tangly and snarly it isn't straight OR curly, it's wavy, but not the good wavy. One side wants to wavy BACK the OTHER side wants to wave forward. It is ridiculous.
I pulled out the large barrel curling iron, it wasn't a good morning. She looked beautiful, even if she didn't enjoy the process. I also had to make her cold lunch, which she wanted a "warm" cold lunch. Mac & Cheese. Goody get to make that at 8:30AM. Barf.
Roo had his field trip that afternoon. It was a gorgeous day, sunny, nip in the air from the wind. The hayride was AWESOME. That's how a hay ride should be!
We chose our pumpkins, I got a few squash. (I'm the only one that eats it.)
WE got back just in time for Butter to get off the bus.
I needed to start dinner for myself and make sure it was ready for Rob to do when it was time to feed the family.
I had class last night at 6PM, downtown. Rush hour traffic. You would think that going INTO the dity wouldn't be so bad. I was going ON campus, it's always busy ON campus. And parking...good grief.
Okay, so you are wondering about what "class" I'm taking. Well, it wasn't really a class, as it was an information session. It was for massage. I'm looking into going to school to become a massage therapist. The information a got last night made me realize that:
A) Going back to school for ANYTHING is going to rock my world like crazy.
B) I will need to study my butt off.
C) It is going to be very expensive.
D) I'm not ready for my world to be rocked right now!

We learned how to give hand massages. And by learned I mean it was demonstrated for us and then we were paired up and did it to each other. As much as we could remember that is.
While the instructor was demonstrating for us she would throw in terms we'd need to know.
The muscle on the outside of your hand by your pinky finger has one job, that is to bring your pinky INTO your hand. It's called the aductor digiti minimi. (Add-ducTOR Digit-tee Min-NI-me) It is a miracle I can remember that at all. And that's just ONE of oh, I don't know fifty maybe muscles and or ligaments in your HAND. Yes, hand not body, I'm scared to think of how many that is! I should also mention I'll have to learn Latin. Because all the muscles and ligaments are in Latin, apparently the people that discovered what our bodies look like and how they are made up only spoke Latin. (Shouldn't someone ENGLISH have translated these things by now? I mean they translated the BIBLE.) Like that muscle that we sit on all day, we could call that aductor muscle the TEApinky muscle. We hold it out when we drink tea. Well, I don't but if we called it that everyone would know which one we are talking about instead of aductor digiti minini.
I partnered up with a sweet young girl who is a sophomore in college. Apparently she thought we were about the same age. NO Joke. She asked me what was my major!
I told her I major in whining, poop and school fundraisers. Then I said No really I'm a stay at home mom. She replied "Oh I had no idea."
I took the opportunity to bust out the pictures on my kids that I carry around with me for just such occasions. I think I stunned the poor girl.
I went first, giving the massage that is. The good news, I didn't cause her any pain what-so-ever. The bad news, I couldn't remember have the "moves" the woman demonstrated, leaving me looking like I was just pawing this poor girl to death. The instructor came around and told me to just explore the soft tissue with my thumbs. (awkward)
"Hi, I'm Sara I will be exploring your soft tissue for the next 15-20 minutes. Please do not be alarmed I'm learning to be a professional."
She was very gracious and it turns out she remember LESS then I did. I think that is because she received the massage first and it relaxed her brain.
Did you know I can make your wrist flop like a dead fish? Oh yes I can. I can also relieve a headache by pressing two specific locations.
I am now going to tell you the cost of tuition.
Go ahead, cough it out. I did.
The program is 24 months long, full time. Part time well it depends on what part time means to you.
Then there is the licensing stuff. That varies by city here in Minnesota.
The cost of a "good" table $600. The cost of a "movable" table (Think dentist chair) $2000 USED.
I guess I can see why massages are so expensive. Not to mention the TIME involved.
Massage was on my list of things to think about, investigate.
It is now on my list of things to do if I ever win the lottery!
I might take a class or two of basic learning, but for now the therapist dream is off the table.
I ended my night with to of TV's funniest new shows. Glee and Cougar Town. One had a washed up women trying to rekindle her stardom and the other had a 40ish divorced women trying to relive her twenties that she spent raising her child the first time around. Hilarious.
Personally, I think we are given our twenties to live, well, in our twenties because it's the only time our bodies can handle it!
Today I'm taking it slow. I am even slow cooking a pot roast today. It's all about SLOW today.


  1. Dear friend, you totally make me giggle. "Exploring your soft tissue".....seriously funny stuff.

    LOOOVE GLEE!! I'm doing a blog post about it actually....haven't watched last nights epi yet. Had to DVR it since Josiah needed me.

    Enjoy your SLOW day!

  2. $9,000??!! DANG!!! It's a short program, granted, but they want to bleed you dry!

  3. oh boy do i hear ya...i had a busy day today and it was leftover night for sure in this house!

    okay, the schooling. anyone who decides to return is my hero. my sis is doing it and she ROCKS. i've got 2 words for ya if you are thinking serious about it (not just cuz i think you'd be awesome at it..) aid. dig girl, look for grants they are there. my sis just got a grant that will pay for her schooling thru a master's degree if she wants to. i believe in you!!

  4. Wow! I think gong to school for massagae is an awesome idea - but really, totally see your point with the money thing. Little detail huh? :)

  5. oh my! where to start?!? this post made me laugh at loud so many times.

    i'm glad you explored that option. do you even play the lottery?!? ;)

    i've been meaning to add you to my blogroll for a while now...i'm going to take the time to do that today!

    have a great weekend!

  6. I'm with Linda, check into your Financial Aid options before your throw in the towel. But you're so right, going back for anything will turn life as you know it upside down. It's a big commitment, so just make sure it comes with the well rounded payoff at the end, that you really wanted. I believe in you!

    Blessings, C~


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