Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Good and Clean

One of the things I struggle with is feeling good.
No, I'm not talking about my physical body feeling 100%, I'm talking about feeling like I'm a good person. Worthy. You know, nice, kind, someone people like and want to know more about, spend time with, pursue a relationship with. Good, as oppose to bad, mean, selfish. Someone that makes others uncomfortable, cold.
Today my mission was to spend time in Gods word. I read my daily reading.
Isaiah 40:1-2 was highlighted. It was in BOLD. Take note! Look at this! THIS is important!
Old testament bores me, mostly because I can't pronounce any of the names and frankly it's just kinda wordy. Just get to the point. The new Testament is when Jesus speaks. I like hearing Jesus.
Back to the BOLD print. (We were asked to pick one or two words to meditate on, here's what I CHOSE)
Comfort, comfort. Tell her that her sad days are gone and her sins are pardoned.
I am to take comfort! My sad days, I can let them go...I am pardoned.
So why the heck am I holding on to the saddness? Who knows! Let it go girl! You are pardoned.
Then I moved on to the New testament for the day Ephesians 1:14
The Spirit is God's guarantee that he will give us the inheritance he promised.
I am guaranteed an inheritance. The spirit that lives and moves me is my guarantee that even though I may tick HIM off and do the wrong thing,say the wrong thing, hold on too tightly to what needs to be let go, I have an inheritance.
I am pardoned and I am FAMILY in the house of the Lord. He said I am worthy of inheritance, good enough to pardon. I am good.
OH, reckless heart of mine, believe in the promises God has made to you. Satan wants to bring you down, wants to remind you of your flaws and sins. He wants to make you feel unworthy of the grace of God. Take comfort, you are pardoned. Let the saddness go, let the worry you carry to fall to the ground like sand weighing you down. Straining your steps, stop looking at the stains, Like the clothes you washed full of blue crayon, it took time, it took many washings but the stains came out. Renewed, waiting to be washed again after wearing. GO, WEAR God today, you are clean and good in Him.


  1. great devotion!! I love how scripture meets you right where you are.

  2. What study are you in?? You're just overflowing and I LOVE it!

    I have a tough time reading old testament too. There's some Great stuff in there, but reading page by page is hard for me. I have a book called Word of God and it's the old testament written as a NOVEL. Like, descriptions, backstory, feelings, novel. Not to study from, but to Get It, so that when I get into the Word, I've got some understanding.

    Wear God. Ooooh, that's good!

    Blessings, C~

  3. her sad days are gone....LOVED that part! ☺


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