Sunday, October 4, 2009

The paper bag didn't stand a chance.

I have "trained" her to wait until she gets an "Okay" before snatching the bags. Roo was present and distracted me long enough for her the sneak in a grab one. I gave him the job of cleaning up after her. It is ONLY bags she chooses to shred. Not books, not magazines, not newspapers. She is a nut, then again it may be because the cat likes to hide in them? Hmmmm, makes sense to me now.


  1. what.a.hoot! well hey, that's a cheap dog toy for sure! and i bet your sweet little guy there loves playing that tug-o-war?! happy monday.

  2. HAHA!! That is too funny. She was totally dedicated to ripping that bag to shreds!


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