Tuesday, October 6, 2009

What I have in common with Cat.

It is raining outside. It's been gloomy for nearly a week now. I've even heard the the utterance of snow. Having just come from a very short and mildly warm summer the thought of snow makes me want to hide in the closet with my heating blanket, fuzzy socks and coffee pot!
I am not ready for snow. I am not ready for the long winter months to start so early. We barely got summer, (Which is fine, I hate sweating) but NO autumn? It is the cruelest of jokes. Autumn is my favorite season. Here, in Minnesota, it can either rain through autumn or the heat can linger. Rarely do we see months of glorious sun, tempered by the crispness in the air. Those blessed days are rare. And that is why I love them so much. Winter can be cruel here. Long lasting, bitter-cold. Mountains of snow, wreaking havoc on your back when you need to shovel daily or if you are of a certain wealth and have snow mobiles then you detest the mild winters of barely enough snow to warrant buying boots.
No, I didn't plan to discuss Minnesota weather with you. My propose for writing today was to do a book review. I love to read, but I am a tough one to please, so when a book comes my way that I enjoy, I feel the need to pass it on. Oprah and I are like that, only when you come here there is no "YOU get a book and YOU get a book and YOU..." You get the point...
I used to hate libraries. Okay not libraries themselves but the limit. The DUE date. I hated that deadline hanging over my head: READ THIS BOOK AND RETURN IT BY...
It's too much pressure.
Then I committed the ultimate library sin. I LOST a book. Yep, somewhere between April 11, 1988 and May 1, 1988 I lost a V.C Andrews book. I couldn't tell you the title because I never read it, I ran out of time, then when I went to read it, I discovered it was lost. I got a fine. Thanks goodness there were no book police back then. I would have been jailed. A scrawny 12 year old doesn't have that kind of means to pay a lost book fine. It took years for me to come out of my library avoiding shell.
I could tell you why I was drawn to the scary books. I hated scary movies. The gore. The creepy killers, monsters, slashers. ECK!
I stopped reading those scary books after we lived in a house much to closely resembling a house I read about in one of those scary stories. I started writing my own stuff. That's when I became aware that I like "happy" endings. Nice, neat, all-tied-up-in-a-pretty-bow, happy endings.
As you may know I started telling a story based around my time in Boston. (The time is drawing close for the true part to end and the fiction to take over.) I did not stay in Boston. I came home with my tail between my legs and was forced into going to school for "something". That something I chose was a broadcasting certificate for a trade school. Not even a college. For you gals that went on to higher education I APPLAUD you. For me, it wasn't an option. I didn't want to be a slave to student loans the rest of my life. I did end up having a student loan and it is still hanging over my head. Why can't they just give you a test or something and say "Hey you have a talent for this...let us educate you freely and then give you a job so you can serve the kingdom of God using your natural gifts and talents."
I have NOT stepped off the reality train, in case you were wondering. I just think BIG with my heart. I should have been put in charge of that apple tree, because there would have been no biting. Oh I would have been tempted, but I don't have the want to higher knowledge. I'm good right here in my bubble staring at the beauty right in front of me, dripping down my deck, pooling in the rocks and making mud...yep it sure is beautiful!
See what happens when I'm liquored up on caffeine? There should be a law. But then there are too many of those stupid things. Like no left turns in New Orleans. If you don't believe me, go here and read about it. Hey, Rachel we can turn left up here, oh and I'm told we know nothing about humidity either. So grab a parka and come on up, you will always be able to find mittens for your little muffin.
Ooh, speaking of muffins, did you know Ty Pennington and the gang are in town doing a home makeover for a local family. If it wasn't raining I'd go check it out, but he's probably hiding in the tent somewhere.
This morning I had a serious case of brain fart. As you are witnessing that moment has passed, it seems to have moved onto a random thought, clogged filter information explosion. Try SAYING that one fast? I did and ended up spitting squash on the screen. I just warmed it in the microwave and it was hot.
MMMM, squash. Buttercup squash, with butter and brown sugar. I'm the only one that likes it so it takes three days to eat.
Where was I going with this?
Book review. YES!
Good gracious I've run out of time. Plus I don't want to tarnish the review with this rubbish.
If you read this whole post, well you must have been bored. I think that I should only be allowed to write in the late evenings when the thoughts have slowed down and the coffee has warn off.
It would be safer that way. I'll go write the review right now and post it tomorrow. It seems that Cat isn't the only one in the house loosing her mental facilities.

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