Saturday, November 14, 2009

Enchanted by Butter

When I look at you I am amazed at how much we are a like. I am also amazed that seven years ago you were forming in my belly. A Beautiful little brown eyed girl. At this time, 7 years ago, you were giving me some serious pains. You never kicked, instead you would stretch yourself. Ooh how that would hurt with your head up under my ribs and you feet pushing out my side. I knew you were a girl, but I had know idea how much you would enchant me.
Soon you will turn 7. There have already been signs of that maturing. Phone calls from friends, making your own cold lunches, doing your own hair. But all I can see are those same chubby cheeks you were born with, those bright brown eyes and that sweet smell of warm melted butter. Yes, you do still smell that way to me. The other evening when we were shopping together, I was watching you flit from display to display carefully cataloging the items you wished were yours. You shared with me how you got two stars and a happy face on your spelling test. You are smart, clever and you have a desire to learn. I hope that never leaves you.
You are beautiful, warm and friendly. I enjoy hearing about your friends.
When I look at this picture I can't help but wonder: Will we always be this close? I wasn't close to my own mother, will you pull away from me? All I can see is my beautiful daughter whom I love so dearly, who enchants me.


  1. This was so sweet...makes me want to have a little girl one day =)

  2. my first thought before i read your first sentence was how much you 2 look alike! so sweet.

    and say WHAT? making her own cold lunch. i'm slackin'...the mission of my week now is to teach these boys how to do it!

    happy bday to you both!


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