Monday, November 30, 2009

They were "dazzled".

Friday night we met up with some of our small group and took in the Holidazzle parade. It is a parade down at night with floats lit with lights. The few pictures I tried to take turned out awful...sorry you'll just have to come up and I'll take you. But BYOJ,M,H & B! (Bring your own jacket, mittens, hat and blanket!)

This is part of our small group, we were only missing one other family.

Me and Wonderbread, yes we enjoy wearing our hats! WOW, I look like that kid from A Christmas story! Can somebody please just roll me down the street?
Me and Butter.
She wasn't feeling good so she was very snugglely, unfortunately my lap didn't have a lot of room between my humgus jacket and blanket!
Some of the things we saw:
Mother Goose and her story book charaters, The Wizard of Oz krewe, Dnacing snowflakes and light bulbs. And a Joe Maurer Snowman Twin. (He was the leagues MVP this year in baseball)
Butter's favorite part was when the float carrying Santa arrived. Her eyes lit up and she was waving so hard at the big guy!
It was then time to sit in traffic and make our way home. We weren't even out of the city when we saw this:

And This:

Now, tell me she's not dreaming of sugar plums!!! Look at that grin.


  1. LOVE those pictures!! and I really love your hat! We don't get to wear hats very often down here....or gloves or heavy coats!

  2. They are too cute! Looks like a magical evening =)

  3. i'm grateful to say we've had some crisp fall/winter days here lately, but not enough for a coat and hat like yours. warms my heart to see you out w/ your small group making memories!

    still love the new look! ☺

  4. Oh my gosh, those last two pics crack me up!! TOO CUTE!!

    Love the new layout!!

  5. It's lookin' pretty snazzy over here with your new layout! I especailly love your header pic! Too funny!
    Looks like you guys have our cold weather! It's in the 50's here in Chicago...send some down our way! It sure doesn't feel like the holidays yet! Looks like you all had a fabulous time...all plum-tuckered!


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