Monday, November 23, 2009

What?! Four bullet lists?

I haven't been posting lately. Frankly, I haven't been doing much of anything lately unless you count what's on the bullet list;
  • loosing my patience
  • getting headaches in the afternoons on a daily basis. (Could this be my one cup coffee consumption??)
  • dreading gatherings, other then our small group.
  • Wishing it already were January.
  • irritated at my husband for NOT doing something I think HE should do.
  • irritated that certain prayers go unanswered.
  • feeling an overall sense of discontent with our country, our finances and my life.

That last one sounds harsh, so I'll put it in perspective.

I DO have a "friend" visiting this week; And I want something GREAT to happen.

Like, oh I don't know, maybe we could win the lottery and write that $3 million dollar check to our church so they can build another campus and reach more people, that just may mean MY family because the campus they want to build is near them! OR Maybe I look at a cashier, and she's been having this real bad day, angry shoppers all wanting Zhu Zhu Pets and cursing her for not having any, and I'll say "Merry Christmas!" And hand her a Starbucks card "Have a cup of Cheer on me!" And she'll be so moved that I see an opening to invite her to church...

Instead, I just sit around thinking "What good can I do?" In the bible, there's a verse that talks about the body of Christ and how each of us makes up a piece of that body and we all are important.

I'm feeling like the bowel...

I think I might be stirring up indigestion, because I'm being fed "medicine":

  • I keep having these nudges to call Mother. So last week, when I had to go to that neck of the woods, I called her to see if she'd like to meet Roo and I. She did, although I was terribly late. Which is NOT like me at all and could not be helped. I had coupons for a store, I got in the car, made sure I had extra clothes for Roo, get to the freeway and TRAFFIC! It was nearly 10AM. I shoot across and take the "back roads". It'll take me more time but not as much as if I'd stay on the freeway. Then it hits me; I forgot the coupons! There is NO reason to go, without them. If I turn back, I'll just be even more late. I can't call her, my cell phone minutes are gone and I keep forgetting to REboost, she doesn't HAVE a cell phone. The gas light comes on. I stare at it, thinking "GOOD GRIEF! Why didn't HE put gas in the car!" Quick think! where's a gas station. Finally, I find one, gas up get a paper for the coupons and we're on our way again. Since I come in from a different direction I park somewhere other then where I tell her and I'm dragging my son through the store to get to the door she is at! I was 30 minutes late, and she was not happy. I tried explaining... it took my son saying "That was a long ride!" for her to realize that it was completely out of my control.It ended up being a fairly pleasant encounter.
  • I read four chapters in my Motherinlaw Dance book.
  • I am really enjoying our small group, there are challenges and accountability from them. THIS is what true caring is about.

Like I said I'm being fed "medicine".

It can taste pretty awful, there are times I want to spit it out too.

What is most hard; feeling obligated to make a "merry show" for others, when I'd rather be merry towards those who have no merry, because MY merry would be merry enough instead of not enough merry.

bah humbug!

With THAT said here are a few HIGHLIGHTS that I'm looking forward too.

  • the return of Norman. (our Elf; no he doe N not clean, I've already tried bribing.)
  • Our visit with Santa.
  • The Holidazzle parade (a parade where the floats and costumes are lit with lights.)
  • Holiday lights in the park.
  • The first snowfall.
  • Christmas tea (something new I'm going to do with the kids)
  • Hanging Ornaments on the tree.
  • My Anniversary.
  • Taking Butter to her first broadway show, Beauty and the Beast.
  • Opening my stocking contents and the gifts from my children. I'm pretty sure Roo will choose something from the "as seen on TV" rack. He is partial to the brownie pan and shoes under. :)
  • Each child's birthday. Though they are mighty close together, each day is VERY special to me and I try to express that.
  • Celebrating the "old" year and the New Year.

So to end this post I'd like to give my "THANKFUL" list; because chances are I won't post again this week...

I am thankful...

  • That I live in a state that has snow.
  • That I live in a country where I have certain freedoms.
  • for the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade, for years, it has been tradition.
  • for the overall health and happiness of my family.
  • I have new mercies EVERYDAY. I sure need it.
  • for cool nights, heated blankets and a loving husband to share them with.
  • for popcorn and family movie night.
  • for my dog that makes me smile with joy that I found the best toy ever, that she carries it around and has to bring it to bed with her.
  • for a cat that doesn't bite or scratch the children when they love on her.
  • a church home that brings me closer to God.
  • a small group that we fit right into.
  • Blog friends that share their lives and wisdom with me.



  1. sounds like God is at work and that is always good!

    really happy to hear you have found a small group you fit into!!!

    Funny, I am SOOO happy to now live in a state with NO snow!!!

    have you read the book "a cup of Christmas tea"? you should.

    great thankful list!

    Happy Thanksgiving Sara!!!

  2. i love the lists! and what a day trying to meet your mom. glad it turned out okay. now go eat some chocolate! ☺

  3. I love bullet points! =)

    I got one for you: my MIL is coming to my family's Thanksgiving celebration. I think my hubby's had a panic attack each day since we invited her, haha!!!

  4. Hey you! Miss ya!

    A million dollars would be AMAZING....think of the people that could be reached with that money! But even w/o it, HE can do SO much through the tiny things, too. :-)

    Happy Thanksgiving, Sara!!!

  5. Read the book "Interrupted" by Jen Hatmaker, it will give you direction! Warning - read with caution because once you read it will change your life! If you read that one then dive into "The Irresistible Revolution" by Shane Claiborne, which is the book that inspired previously mentioned book, but it's good to wade into the water first, not be dropped into the middle of the ocean without a life preserver on, lol.


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