Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Butter's Birthday!

Sunday was Butter's 7th birthday. I still am in shock over the fact that she is NOW 7. Where on earth did that time go? One of her Christmas gifts was an AMerican Girl Doll, Ruthie. She also got a matching dress set. Seen here:
She will be having the Family birthday party on Sunday and the Sunday after that is her GIRL party.
Here she is opening one of her gifts...

She had guessed it was a doll house, I was trying to tell her OTHER things were shaped like that too. As you can see on her face she is saying to me "I TOLD you it was a doll house!"
Yep, she told me alright, still doesn't change the fact that she loved it and has been playing with it non-stop for three days now!
We took her out for Crab legs for her birthday dinner. I was SHOCKED that my picky children ate at Red Lobster and asked to go back! Roo had popcorn Shrimp and Butter Crab legs. They won't eat Thanksgiving dinner but they want Red Lobster! GO figure!

Monday she decided she wanted her ears pierced. I asked her over and over again if she really wanted to. We have gone through this several times, where she says she does, we go in and then she chickens out. We went up to the store and she was brave going in, but then the nerves hit. She tuned out and wouldn't listen to me, she became frozen in her fear. I knew she was ready. She's been toying with the idea for months now. She is a lot like me, in that our fear of the unknown, fear of there being pain can paralyze us where we stand. I also knew that as soon as the pain was over she'd love them, and feel like the big girl she is. I looked like the meanest mom on the planet, forcing my child up into the chair and saying "We're doing this TODAY!"
The Girl came over and talked to her, I could see her relax a bit. She cried after the first one and got squirmy. I talked her down, gave her a hug and told to hold still we still had one more to do. She grit her teeth and finished it out. She cried a bit again but once she saw her earrings she was all smiles. I was so proud of her!


  1. Happy birthday, Butter! Great dollhouse. I am so jealous!

  2. she looks so grown up in that first picture!!!

    tell her she looks great and so grown up with those earrings!!!


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