Friday, January 1, 2010


My precious boy, five years ago tonight you decided you waited long enough to be born. You didn't seem to care that we were having an ice storm, or that it was a holiday, you just wanted to meet us.
Since joining us, you have provided many laughs and giggles. Like how you always had your lovie and suckie, how you would climb in the garbage lid and sit; like it was your own personal chair.

How you take after your Daddy and must read while "taking care of business".

How you were so excited to start school, and you continue to enjoy it and are such a smart little guy!
How you love your sports teams like Daddy, and are a super fan!

So on this day, your fifth birthday, I will try not to feel so old and out-grown. I will do my best to focus on not how BIG you've gotten, or how much you've learned, but how much you've brought to my life and how deep the love I have for you is in my heart, how it grows deeper and stronger with each passing year. 5 years deep!
Happy Birthday Nick-a-Roo!


  1. He has been so adorable from day one!! Happy birthday to your sweet boy.

  2. happy birfday to you both! ☺ gotta love raising b.o.y.s.!!


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