Thursday, January 7, 2010

The one about Cat that I forgot to post...

Our cat Tabby is a resourceful thing. She also likes the simple things in life: A warm bed, a clean litter box, meals at exactly 7AM, 2PM and 4PM. She likes the sun on her fur, a shoveled walk way and good brushing.

As I sat down to eat my soup, I glanced out the window. Cat was out there. (We affectionately call her Cat.) She was face down in the snow, digging. I thought to myself, this cat doesn't even walk on four paws through the snow, she tip toes on three, quickly shaking her paws off.

Here she was face down in snow.

I sat and watched her. As she lifted her head, face covered in white she backed up into her spot lowering her backside and delicately lifting her tail.

Uh huh, she was making a poopy hole. When she finished she began to bury the hole back up. She looked around and noticed I was at the window watching her. She came over, looked right at me and meowed. I'm not sure what she was saying to me, since I don't speak cat.

Maybe she wanted privacy, or maybe she was telling me it was time to clean her box after all look what she had to go through...

As I finish typing this, she is sitting on the edge of the desk, staring at me. Does she know I'm writing about her or is she just going to stare until I get up, she weave through my legs until I go into the room her box is in and then meow at me until I clean it?

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