Monday, January 18, 2010


Both kids had today off of school and the weather has been mild here and so I encouraged my husband to take the day off work and come sledding with us.
I would have posted pictures but:
  • the stupid batteries were dead
  • nobody would hold still long enough, if there was juice in them batteries.

It was a lot of fun, I found myself hoarse by the end of it. Not only was I directing my children, I was directing the other dozen kids on the hill. Safely navigating all of them.

I felt like should have been in a control tower with a bull horn!

I can't seem to get away from it, my need to instruct the young ens. There was a huge lack of parental guidance which left this mama bear active and alert. What I didn't expect was every single one of those other kids to take me seriously and follow the "rules". Nobody got hurt or trampled on my watch. And when I come back from one of my own runs, I'd get high fives, just cause I would go the farthest. Which I'm sure had nothing to do with the *cough* extra 20lbs in outwear I had on!

We had races, I went down a few times with Hubby but that ended the second time he dumped us over on purpose. I get surly when someone is out to:

  • White-wash me
  • break one of my limbs

The day had to end when Roo refused to stop licking/eating the snow. The gross factor on that was just too high for me.

We all stayed toasty warm and had a wonderful time.

WOO HOO, where do I sign up for the bobsled team?


  1. sounds like a great day! we had some fun times sledding with our kids.

    I am amazed at the lack of parental supervision some times.

  2. Don't eat the yellow snow, that's where the Huskies go...

    My grandmother used to sing that to us. Like we ever had any snow anyway...


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