Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Weekend update

This past Sunday was Butter's girlie party. The idea started with my Christmas gift. A foot massager. Then while doing some after Christmas deal shopping I found a foot spa that was $39 marked down to $15. It started coming together in my head: Spa party. We called it Spa Nina.
I went searching for all the things I'd need. A lot of prepping went into this party. I wanted the girl's experience to be that of a real Mani/Pedi spa. We found little towels for each of them, cute socks, sponges, travel size containers for the foot cream and hand lotion so each could take some home. We made labels for them saying Spa Nina Hand Lotion and Spa Nina Foot Cream, tied with bows. We found sparkly rings and bracelets. I dug out all my nail polish, enlisted my Mom to come and do the manicures. Nina was very excited, so was Roo, he kept asking "When do I get my spa party?" (Rob took him for a few hours, when he returned I gave him his own turn at the spa. Minus the polish of course. Not that he didn't try.) I think it was the head massager that they liked best though, that and the green nail poilsh!
Oh, the head massager. So; after I finished rubbing their feet, they would switch chairs and use the foot massager, while they were there they could use the head massager too. It is this thing that looks like a whisk, only open on the whisky part. You scrunch it up and down on your head and the little nubs just feel SOOOOO good. It's heaven. If Heaven were a tingly, close your eyes and ahhhhh feeling, that would be IT. I had one cutie ask if they got to take that home too. Nope, sorry that one is mine and I'm already on the hook to by my Mom one now for her birthday.

It was so funny to see how relaxed they all became. Doorbell rings, screeching, jumping around, noise noise noise. Party starts, I call them up, and magically, all you can hear is the machines running and me asking each of the girls questions as I rub their feet. None of them were much into talking, they just wanted their rubbing. Much like a real spa. After they were all polished it was time for cake! I can honestly say the sugar did nothing to them. Nina got some great gifts, mostly involving make-up. Which they decided to throw caution to the wind and have make-overs too. All except one sweetie who kindly told me "I'm not allowed to wear make-up." I told that she should then be the make-up artist. It was a fun day, it was nice to see Butter enjoying herself with her friends.
The other day on Facebook I wrote that God smiled at me. It wasn't just the butter heart that day. I went to the fabric store. I had found some fabric well over a year ago, I knew that Rob's brother Chris and SIL Stacey were trying to get pregnant. They did, but sadly that ended in a miscarrige. Not much was said for a while, but I found this fabric and as soon as I saw it I knew it was for a blanket I would one day make for their baby. Last week we found out that they are expecting a little boy the end of May. My clock began to tick. Since finding the fabric, I having been searching for other fabrics to match it, with NO luck. I was begining to think I'd have to start from scratch. Then the other day I meandered into a fabric store and found not one, but 6 other fabrics to make this blanket/quilt. I don't know quite how to describe the feeling, this is by far the most challenging piece I've done. I can totally see it in my head, but my fingers just are not skilled. I have a ways to go. (And if you know me at all you know that a ways for me is a blink of an eye for someone else. So don't be surprised if by Monday I'm posting a picture of the completed thing. I can only say, when I'm working on something I am very OCD, one track minded. Nothing stands in the way of me and completion.)
So here is your taste:

Tell me that Elephants aren't the cutest! I have no idea what color(s) they are planning for his room, but I knew I didn't want to go blue. Making blankets for me is like creating a piece of my heart that will go off and hoping comfort someone else. It all started when I received a blanket from a dear friend for my birthday. It was a blanket she made, and it remains very special to me.


  1. love the party!!! that was a great idea and so funny to hear how calm they got....girls are girls no matter what age!

    love the fabric too! I understand your feelings on quilts. I have several that were made for me and I treasure them.

    Can't wait to see the finished product

  2. what an awesome idea for the party. i bet it's one she'll never ever forget. you're such a cool mom!

    God smiled...LOVED reading that!


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