Thursday, April 22, 2010

Don't bring your white gloves to my house.

There are just some good people in my life.
I mean, for seriously, I have some awesome friends.
Being a SAHM is no easy task, it can be isolating, boring at times, stress-filled.
Why do we have this "thing" that tells us our house must be spotless at all times?
Nothing can send a SAHM into a frenzy then if someone calls and says "Mind if I stop by?"
Yes I mind! I have to swiffer the floor, srcub down the bathroom sink, wipe down the bathroom mirror, check to make sure my son hasn't left any gifts behind from his last visit.
I must kennel my yappy excitable dog, The sink full of dishes...well, ya'll know me and I don't do dishes. The Presidant could swing by and I still wouldn't do the dishes.
You get the point and picture.
Notice I said nothing about toys?
That is because you could give me a weeks notice and there still would be clothes, clean and folded OR dirty and yet to be washed just hanging out in baskets. Toys: I have kids, do you think they keep the toys in their rooms?
Um, no. They play with toys out of their rooms because they can't find their floors.
That's just how we roll.
I was a messy kid, any time I had to clean my room I rebelled. I through everything in the closet until exception was over and then it was back on the floor. My mom eventually gave up. She thought reverse psychology would work. It didn't. I can find things in a mess. Stick me in a spotless room and I'll be lost. All that floor, how do you find the door if there is no path to it??
Back to my friends, and how this ties together.
We had a lunch date at Miss Sarah's today. She is pregnant and glowing with her third child. Her other two are 4 and 2 respectfully. Her house was spotless. Yes, I did manage to find the door, several in fact. Sarah has a gift for that. Looking AMAZING. I am convinced she wakes up looking fabulous. Chris would have to tell me otherwise, I'd never believe it. (Her Husband)
Our little group is determined to meet once a mouth for lunch. I stepped up and offered to host in May. Am I nervous? Freaked out? Putting my game plan together about how this house will be spotless for them? No, not really. It's too early for that. But I have got a little something in mind...we have LOTS of closet space!
That was a joke.
I had one friend come by while she was in town. I told her she was welcome to come over but it was a mess, to which she laughed "Sara if you clean up I'll be so mad! Matter of fact mess it up more I'll feel better."
I will admit I did vacuum the stairs, they were full of sand from the kids, I didn't even make my bed. Which normally I don't. Why I just get right back in it, or the dog messes it up when she "nests".
I had a clean freak mother and many times I've told her "just because you clean your grout with a toothbrush weekly and pull out your appliances out to clean behind doesn't mean you'll get to the front of the line...Peter won't be saying 'Who of you kept a spotless house?' Nope sorry, God doesn't work like that. "
I think wasting your time cleaning is not going to make your life fuller, in fact I'd argue that it cheats you out of living, because under some one's bed, in the back of the fridge, out in the yard there is ALWAYS going to be one more thing to clean.
I'd rather have one more hug or brownie or conversation...Besides my next house, the one Jesus is making for me, yeah, that one's SELF-cleaning! Never have to worry about that again.
But I also know that having a good old fashion day of house cleaning is good for the soul. Open the windows, shake out the rugs. I'm pretty sure cleaning is not in my gifts category...
So come on over, I'll bake some cookies, brew some tea, have a nice chat...


  1. Very true!! Dust and I are good friends!!! And I do swear when I finally cleaned our downstairs bathroom the other day there was some kind of alien colony who had made a home in it, yuck!

  2. " do you find the door if there is no path to it?!" :) One of my new favorite quotes. :)

    Today is a big cleaning day for me. One of those 'I'm not even really sure where to start' days...

    I'll take your advice and open all of my windows. Maybe turn up some great tunes... Try to get it all sparkly clean.

    You are so right about what really matters though. I need to do better about having people over more and NOT CARING about the imperfections.

  3. hey, i always say until the dust bunnies start fighting, they can just stay in their respective corners!

  4. I ♥ the dust bunnies that live in my house! We are pals! Cleaning is far from the top of my list when I can be spending quality time with those most important to me. : )

  5. you are a Mary among many Marthas! Way to go.


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