Monday, April 19, 2010

Letters to Butter and Roo.

Butter and Roo
You make the world a happy place.
Your smiles.
You hugs.
Every score you tell me about, every thing you "know" brings joy to my heart.
When I was a little girl wishing someday I could be a mama, I never could have imagine two more perfect children for me.

Butter, my girl, with your sweet angel face and your spunky attitude. You are smart, you are studious and most importantly you take learning seriously. You love to laugh and giggle. We have some good girl moments don't we?
You are a daddy's girl. Sporty. You love fashion and make-up. You are an artist. A dreamer. You are a beautiful young lady that your daddy is sure we will have to beat the boys off with sticks. You have a heart of gold. You are thoughtful and caring.
You are my wish come true. The gift I longed for. The hope and dream I carried inside me.
My daughter, and yes, you will ALWAYS be my Butter
You are a silly heart.
You amaze me with your brilliance.
You have an abundance of energy that is infectious.
You love sports, and I sware you are going to be a sports reporter.
Or selling products on QVC.
You are particular, and decisive. You know exactly what you want.
You have musicality.
You are imaginative.
I never thought a little boy could fill my heart so full of love. You are my cuddlier.
Compassionate. We are sensitive together, we understand each other.
You are feisty like me. You take interest in things like cars, sports and nature.
You are the best part of me, the surprise God had for me.
You make us laugh everyday, and dinner would not be the same without your jokes.
You are special and unique, quirky and lovable.
You march to the beat of your own drum and I wouldn't have it any other way Roobeedo.
Love and Blessings,

(pictures from our Easter Weekend trip to Macy's flower show)


  1. This is super sweet, Sara. Your two kiddos are darling and spirited and loved. They're blessed to have such a fantastic mama.

  2. aww sara, just think about how incredible these two beautiful kiddos will feel when they look back at this post someday. they'll know again how loved and special they are. what beautiful words!


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