Wednesday, July 7, 2010

TMI {Sweat}

Annnnnd I'm Telllllllling YOU, I'm not going...
I'm Staying.
I'm Staaaaaying; And you, and you and you...Your gonna Love meeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

If this body could sing; that's what it would be singing to me today.
It does not want to go to the gym. I hurt in places...well I'll just say I hurt.
I woke up craving Capn' Crunch with berries cereal like I was 6 months pregnant again! This body is not making it easy for me. For the record: I had Chobani with a TBS of granola.
I'm gonna go, I just need to trick myself into thinking it'll be a light workout. Although I know it's a lie, because any kind of work-out is going to make me sweat; and the only time I don't sweat is if I'm not doing anything, like lounging in my favorite chair reading a good book.
Sweating is so GROSS. Here's the thing you should know, excessive sweating runs in my family. When I was in my prime {twenties} when my body was still slim and firm...I would get pit stains because for what ever freak of nature reason I'd sweat like I was running a marathon. GAG! It was awful. That doesn't happen anymore, this was before all the fancy "clinical" deodorants. I'm just saying going through that was gross, I hate sweating, and why would I want to MAKE myself sweat when there was a time in my life that all I had to do was put on a shirt and I'd sweat through it!
Yesterday, was an all "new" level of gross. I had drips dripping where NOTHING should be dripping. It must have looked like I forgot to wipe my behind, the way I kept rubbing back there. There can not be a more disgusting feeling; I take that back, Last winter when I was sick, I mean sick like you can't move stomach funk, you should be laying next to your toilet, sick...I sneezed and ended up pooping my pants and then puking. But OTHER then that...
Hubby asked the other day, after he got off the scale "Did you weigh yourself?"
"Nope. I don't DO scales."
He looked at me funny.
Sha, like I'm going to step on that thing right after he announces that his 6 foot even skinny-ass frame is "A buck sixty five".
I'm 5'1 3/4" and I KNOW I am nearly NEARLY that. The last time I was at the doctor I remember the nurse had to go up to the 150 mark. I wanted to DIE.
I feel like that nursery rhyme, Jack Prat.
Seriously, 165. I'm going to have to build some muscle on that man.
Have I ever shared with you my skinny me picture? I would make those actresses jealous! (I just spent the last hour looking for it, it's not where I thought it would be and the other place to look, well, I'm not looking there right now. But I promise when I find it, I'll post it. No matter how embarrassing it is for me. Gees, I was awkward back then! I did find a few gems I'll share too; some of my favorites.)
It is getting late I need to go get my sweat on. The sooner I sweat the sooner I can shower. I NEED a shower!


  1. you go girl! and i love those fancy deodorants too! shh....

    can't wait to see the "gems"!

  2. Oh my gosh. I so related to this post. And my husband... his weight is up and down... 165-175. ICK. This may sound crazy, but this is my last resort - I've taken my Blackberry calender and each week for the next 2 months I've posted a REMINDER weight which is my goal for that week. by Sunday I need to be 144 and my Blackberry will be reminding me of that at 10 AM on that day. I've tried everything else. Wish me luck.


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