Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Looking forward...

HA! I've been away from blogging for a bit. It wasn't my fault, the phone was cut off. Long story short: We brought our bill with us to mail from Chicago. We didn't want the phone turned off on us while we were away. We got home the phone worked everything was right in the world. Two days later I can't check my email. Pick up the phone to call...phone is dead. Hmmm. Use my cell to call hubby, whom is told from qwest they haven't received payment. HUH? Doing the math, they should have got it. Bottom line it takes a few days to process, blah blah blah...we weren't paying over the phone when they most defiantly had our check! I haven't missed the phone ringing. My cell phone decided to let me use facebook and for the first time EVER I had to add money because I ran out of minutes! (I have a pay as you go plan. $20 lasts me 3 months!)
So today I was eating my Chobani and the phone rings. That's ODD. I think, I haven't heard that sound in almost a week! It looks like qwest has received payment. PHEW!
What I have missed, though, is blogging and reading my bloggy friends.
We are winding down our summer,  we are taking a family vacation to a resort in central Minnesota which we are all looking forward to. Each for our own reasons: Mine; I don't have to spend the FINAL week of summer vacation listening to "I'm bored." "So and so taking my stuff!" "I don't WANT to go to the beach again!" instead I've have a CO-Grinch parent! Butter is looking forward to swimming in both pool and lake and also being allowed to spend her money! (she's been trying to spend it for two weeks now!) Roo wants to go fishing. And I'm not sure what Hubby is looking forward to, but I have a hunch it's the fact that he'll again get a full nights sleep. (No paper route!)
My mom is going to come out and stay with our dog and cat. I am relieved that my fur babies will be in good hands.
Since our kids don't start school until after Labor day, we thought this would be a great time to getaway and avoid the Fair. I love the fair, I really do, and I'm actually having a hard time with the fact that I won't have "fair pictures" from this year. We ALWAYS go. But we can't do both. I bought a few new games to play, bought some dollar bin items as surprises, got AMAZING rates on where we are staying. I mean AMAZING. The only down side is that while we'll be gone school is having their "meet your teacher" day. I called the school and asked if I could get the information since we'd be gone. We found out my son will be in afternoon kindergarten class, which was a surprise to us. We had thought since Butter was AM, he would be AM. Seems that the fates no better with my boy. He is not a morning person, like his mama! We also found out he will have the same teacher Butter had. We liked her a lot. Hopefully she turns out to be good for Roo. (He is easily distracted.) Butter was unimpressed with her teacher, mostly I think because she doesn't KNOW this teacher yet. Butter is a good student, she pays attention, is helpful, does her work...I'm sure she'll like her just fine. I do worry about the classmates she'll have some of those kids...*rolling my eyes* (That's what prayer is for right?)
So with school starting up again I got to thinking... I have a question for you:
If you could learn one thing new what would you like to learn?
(it could be something worthwhile/real or something you wish you could learn but it's dream worthy only)

My answer: guitar (dream worthy) and more recipes, cooking secrets/techniques. OOOOO and photography! First I need a better camera though...so Santa if you are listening...

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  1. It's been fun seeing and hearing about your trip with your hubby. Good for you guys to get away together like that. And now...one with the kids. sounds like your joy cup is getting filled to the brim! One thing I'd like to learn?....how to cut hair. hahaha.


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