Saturday, August 21, 2010

Tale of a Windy and VERY hot city part 4 final.

Millennium Park was a must see for me. I was intrigued with the Cloud Gate. Or as locals call it "the Bean". I thought the Crown fountain was neat and loved watching the people enjoy themselves cooling off. The squeals from the little ones were adorable.
I loved this. It was so beautiful. I could have stood inside it for hours.
But we didn't have time, we had to get in line over at the Museum. It was Thursday and they offer free admission 5PM-8PM.
We didn't have to wait long, and I did get a nice picture of the lion.
I only took a few pictures inside. My favorite was the Impressionist wing and the Architecture & Design wing. Wasn't so thrilled on the "art" in the modern after 1960's wing.
I love the detail in this little painting. I can't even fathom the control the artist had in his hands. With a brush! Just amazing.
I love the movement in this one. It's like the fruit is spinning waiting for you to say "I'll have some grapes please!" Then it would come to a stop in front of you.
I think everyone can remember a time at the beach when they were young. The sun warming your damp skin, the breeze combing through your hair and the urge to break free and run! Not wanting to stop your playing to be captured in a picture, or in this case a painting! It's just magic.
I did not take a picture of my favorite. Thinking back I should have. I didn't because the two women were nude in it. You couldn't see much, but they were still nude. They were climbing into a pool or river. The detail in their skin was simply breath-taking. I felt like they were going to step out of the frame and stand right in front of me nude and all! I think they were special women to the artist because you could feel the devotion he had for them in his work. Truly a piece of art. Unlike some of that modern stuff. That stuff I didn't get.
The Ravioli chair.
How awesome is this?!
I could only take so much walking and my feet began to hurt again. So we headed out to Grant park to go see the Buckingham fountain. Every hour for the first 20 minutes the water dances to music. It was mesmerizing to watch. I also enjoyed the seagulls, it was just like the movie Finding Nemo. Where the gulls see something and they start calling "mine mine mine". It didn't help that I was throwing popcorn.
Chicago was a special trip, it wouldn't have been my first choice of places I'd like to go, but it was a place Rob wanted to take me. I couldn't have asked for a better time. Because all that really matters was that we were together.

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  1. My favorite museum in Chicago was the Museum of Science and Industry. We went there a lot when I was growing up. And Buckingham Fountain was an absolute must!


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