Thursday, August 19, 2010

Tale of a Windy and VERY hot city part 3

It was suppose to rain on Wednesday. 60% chance of it. Turned out to be just as sunny, just as humid and just as hot as the rest of the days. I can tell you that this was no windy city. Not the week I was there! I left off with the trolley tour, Hear it a picture of Trump. Gorgeous building. Trump wanted to have the tallest building, Chicago said "No way." He begged and begged. The city told him that when the Sears Willis Tower falls OFF the top ten tallest buildings in the world list, which is suppose to do 2015 Trump can go right ahead and make his taller. Because of this he built his building with a false top, so he can take it off and continue up! (according to our tour guide.) We ate dinner ate our hotels restaurant, Harry Carey's the food was wonderful. We decided to do Trumps for dessert and drinks. Which I posted about here if you missed it.
The view was amazing. It also happened to be the night of fireworks in the city. It was on of the best dates I've ever had.

And a highlight of the trip for both of us.
The next day we headed up to Lincoln Park Zoo. We got there right at opening time, which is when all the animals get fed. Unfortunately this was late in the trip and even though we took the bus to the zoo, my feet had already called for a strike and the heat was only getting worse.
These are a few of the highlights we saw at the zoo in our brief but thorough visit.
Kangaroos. Funny story: We sat down for dinner at the airport, and there was a guy next to us. I noticed his passport said he was from Australia. I said "G'day mate."
He looked over at me and smiled.
I smiled back as said "We saw Kangaroos at the zoo yesterday."
He laughed at me and said "You Americans think they are wonderful animals, they are like deer to us. They ruin our cars and crops!"
I frowned for a moment and then I asked about Koalas.
He told me they are mean and full of disease, I won't repeat exactly what he said, but that was basically it. I enjoyed talking with him. He was colorful and kind.

Next we have a two humped camel. I have ridden a two humped camel before. That was interesting. Rob didn't like it. Something about being in the back and the humps crushing his...
Again at the airport I met a wonderful Lady, American, who lives in Dubai. She told me many stories. I wish she had been sitting next to me on our two hour delay, I could  have listened to her some more.
The chimpanzees. They would stuff their mouths, this one chose radishes, grab cabbage in their hands and then race outside and up the trees to eat. I love watching them.
The Gorillas were still sleeping, so I couldn't get a good shot of them. But check this out:
Gorillas hand print/my hand. They are incredible!
We walked over to the polar bear exhibit when we heard the planes jets rocket over us. We quickly lost interest in the animals and wanted only to see the jets.
The Blue Angels were flying maneuvers getting ready for the air show that weekend.
After watching them for a little while we decided to try and find a little cupcake place I found online before our trip. I was told by a local that it was only 2 or 3 blocks from where we were. It was 9 blocks. My feet nor I were happy about that!
I honestly believe I would have enjoyed it MUCH better had we ridden the bus like I wanted. But Rob said "It's only a few more blocks."
Once we got there I realized there were no coconut type cupcakes which deflated my enthusiasm even more. I decided to give the peach cobbler a try.
It was delicious. Moist vanilla cake with peach puree inside topped with whipped cream and a hint of spice. Was it worth walking 9 blocks in the blazing heat? No, no it was not.
Rob had the chocolate decadence.
It was moist chocolate cake with a chocolate mousse filling topped with ganash and curls. He took two bites and the cupcake broke apart from the oozey mousse. I should have taken a picture of him eating it, he was a mess!
We took the bus back to the hotel so I could soak me poor feet. That evening we were heading to Millennium Park , the Art Institute and Buckinghma Fountain.

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