Thursday, September 9, 2010

We got spirit, yeh yeh we got spirit!

Today was Roo's first day of kindergarten. It was also the first game of the season for the Vikings, and wouldn't you know it; it was a rematch of the NFC Championship game. I can't say anything negative about the Saints, but I DO love me some Purple. So the iSass clan had to show their purple pride.
I love Butter's face! What you can't see is Roo and Wonderbread have the same jersey.
 #28 Adrian Peterson!
If I had gotten my act together sooner the dog would have sported some purple and gold too.
Now onto the firsts.
Butter looked so sweet on her first day. (Tuesday)
She was thrilled to be sharing a locker with a girl this year!
She just gets prettier every day, much to her Daddy's dislike, he's no where near ready for the boy thing.
I took Roo to his Kstart on Wednesday. Where he got his first homework assignment, met his teacher and learned about his classroom. His teacher asked how I was doing, now that both kiddos where in school and knowing Roo was watching, and what I've been telling people when asked: 
So this morning before Butter went off to school she asked
"Mom what are you going to do while Roo and I are at school?"
Before I could answer Roo piped up and said:
"She's going to party with her friends!"
Butter: "What Molly,Tracy, Sarah and Pollie are going to come over?"
Roo: "YEAH! And they're going to play with all our STUFF!"
She put her hand on her hip and told me I was not allowed to go in her room and play with her things when she was gone.
After lunch (Thursday) Roo and I went outside to wait for his bus. While we were waiting he looked at me very seriously and said:
"Mom, are you really going to have a party?"
I answered "No, honey. This is actually a sad day for Mommy."
"Because for seven years I've been home with you and Butter and today you are going off to school."
He reached out and held my hand and said
"OH Mommy, I will come home after school!"
I smiled and said
"You WILL? You promise?"
He nodded, let go of my hand and said
"But don't play with my stuff Okay? Where's my bus?!?"
Good question; Where was that darn bus. We waited for 40 minutes, so I drove him up to school.
Parents were everywhere, some kids were crying, some parents were crying...I couldn't take it. I kissed his head and said "Have a good day buddy!" and booked it out of there. I was fine all day until I got around other parents. {Whose partying now?}
I went outside again to meet the bus after school, it was stinking 30 minutes late!
But they made it safe and sound.
It's now time to go watch some FOOTBALL!
{yes, I'm writing this before the game is played, I may not be able to talk write afterwards!}

Vikings lost. It wasn't a full out beating as I had feared, but a loss no the less. We still wear our purple with pride!

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  1. Awww, ya'll are cute! Love the jerseys! No Percy Harvin jerseys? I thought he was better than Peterson.

    It was a good game. I was expecting the scores to be a lot higher with these two powerhouse offenses. But I think both our defenses showed up ready to play!

    I will refrain from Who Dat'ing all over your page, but at least we can both take comfort in the fact we're the two best teams in the NFL. Colts can stick it. :)


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