Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Rewind.

It has been so busy around here, blogging has become something I used to do...
I get a triple whammy at Christmas time. Not only do we celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior, but we also celebrate the birth of each of my kiddos.
This year I had Butter's "friend party" early, which helped out a great deal.
My Husband decided he would surprise me this year and so on Dec. 23rd we picked up a 2009 Dodge Grand Caravan, whom Butter has named "Holly". I was extremely surprised and excited! Our son however, upon seeing the van began crying "I want the Subaru! I hate the van!"
He hated the van for one day, until he got in a realized that no, he doesn't have to sit right next to Butter and he gets the back all to himself where he can watch his own DVD. As a matter of fact, he did not want to get out and go open presents Christmas morning because he was so content in the van!
No pictures yet, sorry I'm awful. It's just been so busy. Soon, pictures of the van are coming soon.
We normally host Christmas Eve at our house, both our families come out and it's always a lovely time.
As many of you know, my sister and I don't have the greatest relationship.
I heard through Mother that she asked if I was having Christmas. (She could have just as well talked to me about it, but well, that would have meant she had to talk to me about see how that works.)
So I took it upon myself to tell my Brother in law (whom technically isn't my brother in law, but in fact the father of my nieces and nephew) that I was having Christmas Eve and that they were invited. (They being Him, his fiance' and the kids; since my side of the family opens gifts on Christmas day.)
Sherri HAD to call me, when her daughter was invited to Butter's slumber party, making NO mention of Christmas.
The day before Christmas Eve, I got a call from Thomas; Sherri was not allowing the kids to go with him for Christmas Eve. I called her and asked if she was bringing the kids out. Her response to me was "No. Me and my kids are doing something different this year."
I asked why? She said she wasn't comfortable coming over if Thomas and Val would be there.
I told her if she had the kids, they would not be coming, they were only coming to bring the kids.
She said again that they were doing something different this year.
I told her I thought she was playing games and was being spiteful, she hung up on me.
She called me the next day to tell me she didn't get to tell me everything she wanted to say; could it be because she ended the conversation so abruptly perhaps?
She then went on to tell me that her kids enjoyed coming out to our house and that Christmas was always fun. I waited for what ever else she was going to say but she said nothing. I said "I don't understand what you are saying?"
"I thought I made myself perfectly clear." With that she hung up again.
Was she waiting for an invitation? She told me the night before she wasn't coming, what did she expect me to say?
I found out through my niece they did nothing, NOTHING, no church, nothing.
It was as we had suspected, she wasn't going to let those kids come out. I also found out that she had planned to keep them from their Dad Christmas day also, but my Dad's wife ended up in the hospital that day with kidney stone's so they weren't having Christmas so THEN Sherri let Thomas have the kids.
It sickens me to no end that she does this to her kids, uses then as pawns.
Although she tried, Grinch-sister did not ruin Christmas!
The Cox's loaded up in the new sleigh and enjoyed a beautiful Christmas service at Church.
My mom came out and we had a lovely small dinner.
Followed by exchanging gifts.

 Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree...

 I'll have a bluuuuuuuuuuue Christmas....

 Rockin' around the Christmas tree...
How did we get the dog to sit so good and not the photogenic one?

 Waiting to open...she already knows what it is, okay, she thinks she knows...

 We look like a big red blob! I love snuggling up with my boy!

 Christmas morning! They are ready to tear into those stockings.

Nicholas got Wild Hockey tickets from Santa!
(A college roommate of Rob's asked if he was interested in Wild tickets, his buddy got tickets, found out the guy he wanted to see was hurt and didn't want to drive the 8 hours for the game. The seats were just off the goal, 16 rows up! And we got them for FREE!)

 At Nana & Papa's with Go Go Dog "Winter" and "Big Red"
Nick took this picture of Rob and I.

 Jac(quie) -Attack helping the kids open gifts.

 Blaine, Nina and Nick

 I love this one! Poor little guy, he's had enough!

Dec. 26th was a day I spent doing all my last minute detail shopping for Nina's new room! We still needed to paint.
And it happened to be the day the boys were going to the hockey game!

Nick had so much fun with his Daddy. He stayed for the whole game, unfortunately the Wild lost. As Nick said at the end of the game "Stupid Detroit!"

Nina didn't get picked up until afternoon for her over night, so we only had a couple hours to get the room painted and set up. I was up until 2AM! But it turned out beautifully.
Nick and I waited in her room, I taped up wrapping paper over the door so she had to "open" her present. When she ripped it down Nick and I yelled SURPRISE!
She was very surprised and quiet. That's my girl, she takes it all in.

We took Nina out to Joe's Crab shack for dinner, she wanted crab legs! And for dessert Dairy Queen.
(Nick has requested Taco John's for his birthday...) I am still having a hard time with the fact that my girl is now 8 and not so little anymore!
I have a house full this week, Rob took all week off work, which is FABULOUS! (I love having him around.)
My niece is visiting for a few days, not without drama from her mama though...that's for another post.



  1. Looks like you all had a great Christmas, and I love her room. You did a fantastic job! They grow up way too fast, don't they?

  2. That's a girl after my own heart...crab legs for her birthday!!! YUM!!!

    The room looks amazing!!! You did a great job!


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