Thursday, December 23, 2010

Today I paint!

I must be crazy!
Over the summer, when my son got a "new" big boy bed, my daughter complained that she didn't like her bed. (OK, so it was a used bed, and pretty dated...but money doesn't grow on trees and have you seen the price of bed frames? Not the actual bed and box no the bed frames.)
so all through out the summer I searched for a reasonable priced frame that was indeed NEW. I found one, and it was less then $200 including shipping and NOT from Ikea.
So the plan began...we'll give her a room make over now that she's turning 8.
She's into blue.
I found a very cute quilt on clearance.
I made matching curtains.
The bed came and is already put together in her room. We told her about the bed, because we needed it put together and in the room, so we could get the other one out. She has no idea there is more, she thinks it's just the bed and that's good.
So today I must get half the room painted. She thinks it is to match the white of her bed. (She has white walls now, but the bed is more of a cream color.)
We made arrangements for her to spend the night at Nana and Papa's house on the 26th, so Hubby and I could paint the room. Then Hubby says "I can get tickets to the Wild game, we could give them to Roo for Christmas..."
"That's great! He'll LOVE that and we wouldn't be able to afford those seats EVER, so yeah, take the tickets! What day did you say the game was for?"
Long pause
"The 26th."
Long pause
"Um, we're suppose to be doing a room maker over that day!"
"I know. But the tickets are free! The seats are behind the goal in row 16."
"Oh crap. Take the tickets. I'll figure something out."

So, that is why I am painting half the room today. That way I only have half the room to paint on the 26th and only half the room to wait to dry, so the room can be finished for her on her birthday, the 27th!
I still have to find a lamp and some colored bins. We decided against a desk right now because she does her homework at the table.
Well, I'm off to go paint.
I have to get it done by 1pm, We have an errand to run this afternoon!
My Christmas present is ready! WOO HOO!

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  1. so fun! Can't wait to see the finished room!! We did this for our daughter when she turned was so much fun to surprise her!!!


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