Friday, December 31, 2010

Resolution Thoughts.

I am still whirling from the speed in which I got the decorations down this year. I woke up with a nagging to "get r done".
It is hard to believe 2010 is over...why does it feel like the older I get the faster time seems to go by?
I thought "old people" were suppose to go slower. so why does it feel like things are going faster around me?
There are some things I had hoped for in 2010, that didn't happen. I guess 2011 could be the year.
I will continue to seek God and do my best to wait on his timing.
I will continue to cherish my friendships and relationships, they are precious and need to cared for.
I will continue to teach my children about God's love. I will continue to give them boundaries and encouragement.
I will continue to find new ways to love my husband.
I will start taking my health more seriously, I have the ability to work out, I need to TAKE it.
I will take time for myself, I will not feel guilty about it.
I will take time to enjoy the moments, because like it or not, time is just passing much too fast.

Happy New Year Everyone!

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