Saturday, December 11, 2010

Why is it called a "Slumber" party? Nobody sleeps!

My ears are still ringing, like I spent the night at a Justin Beiber concert!
That piercing shrill of young girl energy!
It started with the girls looking for the Pickle in the tree, none of them found it.

This excited Rob because that only means he's still got a chance to win the mini bop-it.
I never knew how much little girls could eat, I've heard stories about boys, which I haven't experienced yet with Roo, but girls, they were like piranhas after a month long fast!
The pizza we made barely fit in our oven, I sliced and diced pineapple, apples and oranges, there was not a spec of food left!

About an hour later they devoured cupcakes and ice cream. An hour after that three bags of popcorn and a Cosco size bag of Doritos's!
I am *shutter* afraid of what will happen when the hormones start firing.
It was at 2AM, that the conversation turned to: "Who do you think is the hottest boy in class?"
Not cutest, hottest.
Each girl gave her choice, the majority chose a boy Butter's been known to pal around with, a boy, if she could have, invited to her party.
And why was Brock the "chosen" hotty? Wait for it...
His muscles.
insert: eye rolling, gaping mouth, face of shock, or disbelief.
It was then that I went downstairs and announced: "Alright girls, no more talking. It's time for bed."
The yawn started at one side of the room and worked it's way across and that was it. Seven sweet little girls again...
They slept until 8:30am. Which was nice because it gave Rob and I a chance to get breakfast going before the piranhas girls were up.
We had an extra bonus, a snowstorm came in overnight and is expected to continue through the day. I had a few parents call and say they were coming, but roads were bad...understandable.
I looked at Rob with fear in my eyes and said "I don't know what to feed them for lunch!?!?!?!"
He laughed at me and said "They be gone before then." Under his breath he added " If I have to plow the street myself."
Overall, I have to say the girls were well behaved. They all have different personalities that shine when they get together.
This is Sarah. She is a silly heart, she has this cute little squeaky voice. Someday I am going to want to read her blog! She is so random and funny.

Little miss Holly, is the quiet one. We were all picking up this morning and Holly disappeared, when she came back downstairs she was dressed like this?!
Most of the girls ran from the camera, no amount of wrangling could get them together in one spot for a group photo, unless food was involved...
I'm still trying to wrap my head around why it's called a "slumber" party, because honestly, sleep was the LAST thing on the list of "What should we do now?"

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  1. oh this cracked me up and brought back a lot of memories!!! yep, there is no slumber at a slumber party!!! the only difference in boy slumber parties is the smell!! no joke.


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