Monday, December 20, 2010

Waiting, and not so patiently.

I am in a holding pattern.
It wasn't even my idea, I hadn't even been thinking about it and then all of a sudden Hubby set it in motion.
You know how everybody LOVES weekends? Time to relax, hang out, no worries of being somewhere or work needing to be done?
Well, it so happened the WE needed some work to be done, and guess what; she was out of the office Friday and then it was the weekend.

And we've got snow...more snow. Snow today, 4-8 inches and then some more coming Thursday into Friday.

Yes, the snow matters, we just had a blizzard! (I wouldn't have called it that, but the weather people do, so blizzard it is...It crippled things like roads and airports and MAIL.
And for the record isn't the USPS motto: Through rain, sleet and snow...
I'm not saying I agree with it, I'm just pointing out that THEY make the claim...

Noting the crabby mail carrier and his outrageous expectations of snow removal and with holding mail from us if said snow is not removed to HIS expectations...does he NOT get that we live on a busy street? We can clear away snow and ten minutes after we get inside the plow comes by. We live on a school bus route, that plow comes by a lot. When the snow bank at the end of your drive way is taller then what your blower can throw over, where in heaven's name does he expect it to go? Rob suggested spray painting the snow banks with Merry Christmas "since they are so high and lots of place to write."
I can only imagine Mailperson's comment to that. He once told me, that we needed to clear the snow, which my husband had done earlier that day. I told him it was clear, the plow went by and that we were not allowed to put it in the street. He snarled "You're drive way is clear."
Uh huh, I know it is, because the plow doesn't push mountains of snow up into our drive way to clear the streets, it pushes mountains of snow along the side of the road to clear the street for cars. it just happens that the mailboxes our ALSO on the side of the roads. I didn't put the mailboxes there. My driveway is clear, park at the end of it and walk on up to deliver the mail, that's what they USED to do. I didn't make it "easier for the drivers" so they didn't have to get out of their warm little trucks and walk a few feet to do their job...
My husband delivers news papers at the crack of dawn He doesn't get Sundays off, he doesn't get holidays off, no he delivers papers. EVEN when the rest of the world has closed down do to blizzard, HE was out doing his paper route. Why? Because everybody expects their paper to be on their step or in their box by 6am.
Rob's route is what's called a rural route, which means most of the papers get put into a box at the end of a very long driveway. But there are some folks that insist on having door service, which means Rob drives through their UNplowed driveways to place the paper in between the doors so it doesn't get "lost".
I think a certain person needs to lower his expectations or he could find himself on the naughty list.

So I'm in a holding pattern.
Paperwork needs to be filed and signed and delivered.
There are prayers that are said every single day. One of them is on the verge of being answered, and I am trying my best to wait patiently for the details to be worked out.
Until then, May your days be Merry and Bright
And may your Christmas, be like mine, WHITE. hee hee (that was a hint)

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