Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Nine Years.

 Nine years ago I stood in front of you waiting for you to open your eyes and see me as your bride for the first time. In your excitement, you pulled out my veil. It's become a symbol for us: When we start to think we've got this life figured out...poof the veil comes out and our hearts are pierced...
I have learned so much about love and forgiveness from our marriage. I came into it with baggage, with the need to control, stubborn, opinionated. And slowly over time your love and God's grace chipped away at all that.
Love IS patient
Love IS kind
Love does not keep records of wrongs...
 Thank you for loving me for these last nine years, the way only YOU could do.
Thank you for letting me learn how to love YOU in return.
It is my greatest blessing, our love, our friendship, our family, US.

And may we continue to find the fun, the laughter the JOY in life together.
I love you,
Your bride


  1. This is oh so sweet, Sara. I remember some of these photos from a past post of yours. You had such a fun, beautiful wedding!

    Congrats to you! Praying for many more years of JOY for you two!

  2. I love this. Of course I do - some of my very favorite posts to write AND read are about marriage. Sticking with it, investing in the hard work. Because it is so true, every day is work. But WOW is it ever worth it.
    I love your dress by the way. :)


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