Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March 1st!

This sweet girl is waiting on Spring. She watches outside waiting for the snow to melt, so she can have nice green stuff to do her business on. She's sick of the frozen, freeze your whiskers off, snow and ice. I haven't the heart to tell her they are predicting more snow this weekend.
So I'll say "Hey Pipe! It's March baby girl! We're on the home stretch now!"
See there is this thing that happens in March 'round these parts. They don't call it March Madness for nothing!
Oh, ya'll thought it was for all the tournaments right?
Not around here, see old man winter has been known to drop significant snow fall in March. There was nearly a blizzard on the day I was born.
Which happens to be March 29th, if you are taking notes.
We were treated to an early Spring, it was gorgeous, until April came, and then it was cold and icky until mid-July. That ain't right people!
I'll take my snowy March if it means a lamb-y April, don't be giving me any weak baby lions.
Let those things ROAR!!!
See even if there's snow, the days are sunnier, longer...there's hope of spring.

 Look at these two! You'd think they hadn't seen sun in 4 four months! When you live here you know that in January and February if the sun is shining you need Arctic gear to go outside. Your face will freeze right off! So When the March sun starts shining through the windows; these girls take the opportunity to get their "warm" on.
Normally, they will not be near each other, Piper, the dog, thinks she's the boss, but don't let that sweet kitty face fool you; Tabitha is a vicious fighter. Claw less yes, but she can stun and stun hard.
I wish I could show you her in action when the dog steps out of line, pee your pants funny! She might be a diva, but she will not act on cue.

Since it's my birthday month I am trying to get right in the head. My mind is full of stuff that doesn't need to be there, so I am making a conciuous effort to rid my mind of negitivity. I have been speaking verses out loud and it has been so comforting. So I decided to have lunch everyday with the king.
Miss Sarah turned me on to this little devotional, which we have been doing every evening with the kids.
I am trying going to suceed at eating better. For some reason my body craves salads, but I need one of four things: Chicken (warm), sliced green onions, nuts or tomatos. Oh and dressing. It changes.
This was my salad from yesterday. Romaine and Spinach with sliced green onions, sliced strawberries, warmed left over chicken and warmed raspberry vingerette. It was super tasty, just typing this makes me want to go make myself one right now (it's nearly 11PM as I type)
I always need something sweet after dinner, usually I hit the chocolate or ice cream, but tonight I ate a banana with walnuts. It did the trick. I am trying going to suceed at eating more living food then crap boxed or bagged junk.
I think that it'll help clear my mind out better...

Happy first day of March everybody!
An extra bit of sweetness if the animals and salad weren't enough for ya:
Prayer from my son last night: Lord, thank you for this day and making it March tomorrow, please make it sunny forever and please help the leprechaun find his gold.

*( my spell check decided NOT to work. So pardon the errors.)*

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  1. Haha! Your little boy's prayer just made me do the cheek splitting grin! Love it :)


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