Monday, February 28, 2011

Clean freak...not me!

This lady cracks me up!
She talks about not being a good housekeeper, it's hilarious and I could totally relate.
Some people just get their jollies from cleaning and keeping things neat.
My mom for example, she can not go a week with out cleaning her house. And when I say cleaning her house I mean the kind that normal people do when they just move into a home.
Who moves their fridge to vacuum behind it? or scrubs grout with a toothbrush. Come on, you will not get the front of the line because of that! Just saying.
In my head I can be a total neat freak.
Somebody forgot to give that memo to my hands!
We have markers all over the dining room floor.
Clothes everywhere that need the smell test because the kids nobody can say whether they are clean or not.
I do do laundry, but I've stopped putting it away for them. outfits never stay together all ends up on the floor if they change their minds...

Moving on.
Staying next to Jesus is becoming difficult these days...satan is doing his darnedest to shake me loose. But I got a WHOLE book of Psalms to say aloud.

Ironically; just before I read Miss Kelle's post I had done some cleaning and rearranging. When I start to feel trapped, a good hour of cleaning helps. Now if I can just find the duster...


  1. I'm the world's worst cleaner because I'm a pack rat. Sigh...I want to be that person with the pretty, clean house...but I'm not. And I've just got to accept it, LOL!

  2. Hahaha! Ummm...I can only assume that when my fridge is moved for the first time (after we move out, of course) there will be a den of small animals living behind it.


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