Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Some things never Change or My birthday post!

I woke up this morning completely oblivious to what day it was. I got up, shuffled to the kitchen to make my morning cup of coffee. The kids greeted me as usual with descriptions of the art work they quietly made while I was still hibernating in my room with cozy blankets and snoring pets.
Nina said something about not being dressed pretty, and I ignored it, because I'm used to her pairing skin tight leggings with shirts that are defiantly not long enough to cover those skin tight leggings. Maybe I'm a wee bit old fashion, but I'm not found of the leggings. I know they rock the comfort scale, but they should really be paired with a dress. I took a few hits sips of coffee and suddenly it dawned on me. It's my birthday!
My 37th to be exact. Which is a little scary and thrilling all at the same time.
And I've realized some things haven't changed.

This is me on my first birthday. I have this exact smile on today!

 I was a good mommy, kept my babes clean and fed and never took any lip or they faced a good scolding and a time out. What has changed is I no longed throw the babies. Ahem, good thing I learned that! (another thing you can't hear, is I am actually "yelling" at my sister to give me back the bottle it's my baby! and right after this pic was taken I took the baby and threw it down because she wouldn't let me feed it.) I'm still protective of my "babies."

I love music and can get lost in the moment of a song.

 I love picnics on sunny afternoons with those I love and no bugs.

I've posted this photo before, and it's still relevant, I am not a morning person.

 My best friend is the boy I wanted to marry. I married my best friend. (This is Nick P. I was going to marry him, we had it all planned, then they went and moved. This began my long 23 year search my a new best friend to marry...) I should try to find him on facebook, I would if he has a daughter named Sara?

 Oh, this picture makes me LAUGH! I love to talk on the phone, and not the cell phone, it drives me crazy when the call drops! I was such a lady even back then, legs crossed, sipping my coke talking about Strawberry shortcake and Nick P.

 We celebrated on Saturday at Osaka. It was a lot of fun.

 Maybe a little too much... I did after all have a few of these.

MMM, something pink and fruity!


  1. Happy Birthday! Hope it's a great day!

  2. Happy birthday!!!

    And can I just say that I have NEVER been oblivious that it was my birthday!! :)

    and just WHAT are you wearing on your head?!!!


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